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1 Outfoxed: Bill O'Reilly attacks 9/11 victim's son

Famous clip from Outfoxed telling the story of Jeremy Glick being ruthlessly attacked and smeared by Bill O'Reilly for years. Get alerts on FOX News smears and other videos from Brave New Films.

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0 From The Horse's Mouth ...Chabad-Lubavitch IS Zionist, Rabbi Says

A spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement says the sect is Zionist in its support for Israel. 

A spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch worldwide Chassidic movement says the sect is Zionist in its support for Israel.
Rabbi Menachem Brod of Kfar Chabad told Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview Tuesday that the traditional definition of the term has morphed into one that has become unclear.
Brod set about clarifying what the Chabad-Lubavitch movement defines Zionism to mean “in the practical sense of the word,” making it clear that its Jewish origins have not changed.
“If the definition of 'Zionism' is defined as detachment from Jewish roots and becoming a nation like any other, we oppose that – and so did all the great Torah leaders. But if Zionism is about loving the land, about national security, settling the land, then Chabad definitely supports those important activities,” he declared.
Brod, who serves as the movement's spokesman in Israel, was responding to criticism from the Reform movement-affiliated group Hiddush (Hebrew for “innovation”).
The group had attempted to persuade Knesset members to call off a Knesset event – an evening to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS. The event was held to honor Chabad for its decades-long outreach to Jews in the former Soviet Union.
Hiddush argued that the Knesset should not support Chabad because it is “anti-Zionist.”
No MKs responded to the appeal, however, and the event was held as scheduled.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who addressed a Tel Aviv hall filled to capacity at the event, told the Chabad emissaries, “You stand atop of the mountain, and the Jewish people gathered at its base salute you. I am the first .”
Among the hundreds of Chabad emissaries from the former Soviet Union to attend the event were Russia's Chief Rabbi, Berel Lazar and philanthropist Lev Leviev, head of Africa-Israel.

0 Jury levies $10M judgment against Taser, Taser to appeal judgement

Taser International plans to appeal a $10 million verdict delivered by a North Carolina jury.
Scottsdale-based Taser (Nasdaq:TASR), which manufactures electronic stun guns and other equipment, was found partially responsible for the death of 17-year-old Darryl Turner after police in Charlotte, N.C., used a Taser device on him during an altercation at a grocery store on March 21, 2008.
Taser officials expressed their condolences to the family, but said their company’s device was not responsible for his death.
“This was a sad and tragic incident, and our hearts go out to Mr. Turner’s family,” said Doug Klint, president and general counsel of Taser International. “We can certainly understand how the jury felt deep compassion for Mr. Turner’s family, and how this compassion may have overwhelmed the scientific evidence presented in this case.”
Taser officials pointed to several pieces of evidence that were either excluded or ignored during the trial, and said the company plans to appeal the verdict.
“Taser will contest the verdict even before entry of judgment,” said spokesman Steve Tuttle. “If the judgment is entered, we will appeal.”
Among the items the company pointed to were testimony that Turner had a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, as well as questions about marijuana found on Turner after the incident.
The company also suggested that jury instructions were not clear about what Taser could be held responsible for in Turner’s death.
Taser was ruled responsible for about $9.23 million of the total award; about $6 million of that will be covered by insurance. The city of Charlotte will cover $730,000 as part of a settlement, and $40,000 will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
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0 Nabi shares in meltdown after NicVAX flunks Phase 3 trials

Shares of Nabi Biopharmaceuticals ($NABI) went into a meltdown this morning after the developer announced that the first of two late-stage studies for its experimental nicotine addiction vaccine failed to hit its primary endpoint. 

And the troubling news is spurring management to explore "any and all appropriate alternative actions," signaling potentially big changes for the Rockville, MD-based developer.
Researchers said that 11% of the patients taking NicVAX quit smoking after 16 weeks of treatment, which was similar to the cessation rate among patients given a placebo. And the news caused a rout among its investors as the stock plunged 70%.

0 Man fires back with $2M suit after Taser attack by Off-duty deputies

Since Ralph Williams Jr. was Tased by an off-duty Prince George’s County sheriff’s deputy a year ago after an event at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Forestville, he said he has experienced nightmares and insomnia.

“I haven’t even been able to go back to the place since it happened,” Williams said. “I couldn’t go to the hospital, since I don’t have health insurance. It would just be another bill.”
Williams has filed a $2 million lawsuit(see link below) against Forestville-based SPX Building Corp., which rents out the Knights of Columbus Hall and employed the deputies for security. 

In the case, which is scheduled for a jury trial July 25 in Prince George’s County Circuit Court, he claims charges of assault, battery false imprisonment and negligence.
Williams is not suing the Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff, because the deputies were acting as employees of the building owner, not the sheriff’s office, during the incident.
On July 11, 2010, Williams, a Baltimore resident, was leaving a party at the Forestville hall. 

He said he was talking to some friends from out of town when an off-duty Prince George’s County sheriff’s deputy, who was working security for the event, cursed and got into an argument with him.
After 20 to 30 minutes, Williams began to walk away, when he said the deputy, referred to as “Lt. Saunders” in the lawsuit, stepped into his way, while a second off-duty deputy, Cpl. Lee, shot him in the back with a Taser. Williams’ attorney, Jimmy Bell, whose office is in Bowie, said they did not have the first names of the deputies.
“[The first deputy] said some derogatory things to me, and I said some things back to her,” Williams said. “We continued to argue for a little while, but there was a distance between us, it wasn’t like we were arguing up close.”
Representatives for SPX Building Corp. declined to comment on the case.
Mark Spencer, the inspector general for the county sheriff’s office, confirmed that the two deputies named in the lawsuit are currently employed by his office, but pointed out that the deputies were not named as defendants. He said his office is conducting an internal investigation into the incident.
According to the lawsuit, Williams claims the deputies did not follow guidelines put forth by Maryland Attorney General’s Task Force on Electronic Weapons issued in December 2009.
“Officers should be permitted to use [electronic weapons] only when an individual poses an imminent threat of physical injury to themselves or others,” the guidelines say.

Williams also said that the deputy who Tased him pulled the metal barbs out of his skin himself, which is against the attorney general’s Taser recommendations that dictate that they should be treated as “a biohazard” and removed only by trained individuals.
Spencer said his office is aware of the recommendations for electronic weapon use.
“At present we are looking at all of our standards in terms of general orders and best practice standards,” Spencer said. “We are aware of the attorney general’s published standards and guidelines in the use of ECW weapons, but we don’t see them as mandates.”

Bell said he and his client filed a complaint with the Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff, but does not know if any action was taken as a result.
“What I do know is that a jury will hear the case on July 25, and we’ll let the chips fall where they may,” Bell said.
Spencer said he was unaware of an official complaint made to the sheriff’s office, but that an investigation was already launched when the office learned of the lawsuit.

0 Aircraft brings snow?

As airplanes fly through clouds, they often punch holes through the ones that contain super cooled water, or water that has remained in liquid form below its freezing point. Latest findings say this might result in more snowfall near airports. Scientists used images from NASA’s satellite and weather forecasting models to examine how often this type of cloud seeding may occur within 100 km of six commercial airports, writes Kalyan Ray

gaping hole Aircraft-induced hole observed at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet         Divide Camp, Antarctica on December 12, 2009. The hole first appeared on the horizon and then moved toward the camera. It is likely that a LC130 aircraft  produced the ice that formed the hole. Aircraft induced hole observed on January 29, 2007.  Many times, these holes were mistaken for mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs), even though they are actually caused by airplanes flying through clouds. Now, researchers say, this phenomenon can lead to increased snowfall around many major airports around the world. The findings were published in the July 1 issue of the journal Science.

As airplanes fly through the clouds, they often punch holes through the ones that contain super cooled water, or water that has remained in liquid form below its freezing point.

The effect is similar to cloud seeding. Numerous private and commercial flights have been drilling holes and canals through clouds all along and in the process influencing the snow and rainfall below them. Led by scientists from National Center for Atmospheric Research, the new research focuses on these hole punch and canal clouds that form when planes fly through certain mid-level clouds, forcing nearby air to rapidly expand and cool.

This, the scientists said, might result in more snow fall near airports compelling the authorities to de-ice the planes more. The consequences would be more pronounced in mid-and high-latitudes rather than a tropical country like India. Piercing of the cloud causes water droplets to freeze to ice and then turn to snow as they fall toward the ground, leaving behind odd-shaped gaps in the clouds. “Whether an airplane creates a hole or a canal in the clouds depends on its trajectory. When they climb through a super-cooled cloud layer, they can just produce a hole. But when they fly level through the cloud layer, they can produce long canals,” said NCAR scientist Andrew Heymsfield who led the study.

Comment:....but "Chemtrails" are still a conspiracy theory...apparently.


0 Pedicabbers Up In Arms After Seeing Driver Tased On Mall

July 18, 2011 - D.C. pedicab operators are once again calling attention to their treatment by the U.S. Park Police after they say one of their own was unfairly arrested and subdued with a Taser on the National Mall.

The pedicabbers say an officer with the U.S. Park Police confronted pedicab driver Charles Guillon, as he was picking up customers in his bicycle-drawn rickshaw Friday afternoon.

Tyler Clark, a law student driving a pedicab this summer, saw the whole thing.

A group of pedicabbers at impromptu vigil outside U.S. Park Police Headquarters near Haines Point in Southwest D.C.
"It was like an episode of Cops, where the officer screams, 'you're resisting arrest!' when it appeared like the guy wasn't resisting arrest," Clark says. "And the officer was just being way too forceful for anyone to comply with what he was asking them to do."

Clark says Guillon began to reach for his glasses in his shirt's breast pocket, when the officer un-holstered his Taser, pressed it against Guillon's ribcage, and fired.
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"The pedicab driver dropped to the ground, was writhing and screaming in pain and agony," Clark says. "And the police officer shot him with the Taser one more time."

Pedicab drivers on the National Mall say Park Police officers are using brutal tactics this summer in a crackdown on their fledgling industry. One of them, Sarah Roberts, told WAMU last month that she was injured by a Park Police officer after refusing to provide identification.

The Park Police didn't respond to our phone calls and emails, but officials from the agency have previously denied the existence of a crackdown. 

0 Armed police in West Midlands fired tasers over 140 times between april and march last year

ARMED police officers in the West Midlands drew their Taser stun guns almost 800 times in the past year, according to new figures.

And officers opened fire with the weapons – which shoot needle-tipped darts to deliver a crippling 50,000-volt shock – 140 times between April last year and the end of March.
The increase came after the controversial weapons were handed to specially-trained frontline officers across the force last summer. A total of 485 officers are now trained to use them.
Senior officers predicted the use of Tasers would be “minimal” following the roll-out but the figures showed they were drawn by officers 780 times – an average of more than twice a day.
They were used just 98 times between 2005 and 2009.
Human rights experts described the increase as “worrying” but West Midlands Police said the weapon was effective in the right setting.
Amnesty International’s UK campaigns director Tim Hancock said: “Tasers are dangerous weapons.
“They are potentially lethal and should only be used in a very limited set of circumstances where there’s a real threat to life.”
But a police spokesman said officers had to go through vigorous training before being armed with the stun guns.
“Taser is considered an effective way of restraining individuals that are violent and/or present a threat to members of the public and police,” he said.
“Officers have to justify using Taser, in the same way as they judge the use of CS spray or batons.
“It’s recognised that Tasers, compared with conventional firearms, are safer for the police and public, particularly in situations where there is a possibility of someone being seriously injured or killed.
“In many cases, Tasers have contributed to resolving incidents without injury.
“In a significant proportion of cases they have not even needed to be fired.”