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0 Leading Japanese Journalist Accuses Israel of Fukushima Sabotage

Journalist Accuses Israel of Fukushima Sabotage

A leading Japanese journalist recently made two incredible claims about the Fukushima power plant that suffered a nuclear meltdown in March 2011, sending shockwaves around the world. First, the former editor of a national newspaper in Japan says the U.S. and Israel knew Fukushima had weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that were exposed to the atmosphere after a massive tsunami wave hit the reactor. Second, he  contends that Israeli intelligence sabotaged the reactor in retaliation for Japan’s support of an independent Palestinian state.

According to Yoishi Shimatsu, a former editor of Japan Times Weekly, these nuclear materials were shipped to the plant in 2007 on the orders of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, with the connivance of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The shipment was in the form of warhead cores secretly removed from the U.S. nuclear warheads facility BWXT Plantex near Amarillo, Texas. 

While acting as the middleman, Israel transported warheads from the port of Houston, and in the process kept the best ones while giving the Japanese older warhead cores that had to be further enriched at Fukushima.

Vincent Carnaby(right)and former Secretary of State James Baker.
Shimatsu credits retired CIA agent and mercenary Roland Vincent Carnaby with learning the warheads were being transported from Houston. In a strange twist, Carnaby was mysteriously shot dead less than a year later by Houston police at a traffic stop.

He was shot once in the back and once in the chest. He did not have a weapon in his hands. Intelligence sources said he had been tracking a Mossad unit that was smuggling U.S. plutonium out of Houston docks for an Israeli nuclear reactor.

In an even more explosive charge, the journalist says that 20 minutes before the Fukushima plant’s nuclear meltdown, Israel was so upset with Japanese support for a Palestinian declaration of statehood that it double-crossed Japan by unleashing the Stuxnet virus on the plant’s  computers. 
The virus hampered the shutdown, leading to fallout from a section of the plant housing uranium and plutonium retrieved from the warheads supplied in 2007.

While it is impossible to verify some of Shimatsu’s claims, there was a massive cover-up at the time of the Fukushima disaster in March.  
Explosions at the site were immediately downplayed. While it was subsequently reported that three reactors suffered meltdowns, Japanese authorities tried to rate the disaster as a Level 4 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, although outside experts declared it a 7, which is the highest level.

Something worth noting is how in 2009, two years after Shimatsu says the warheads were secretly moved to Japan, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued a veiled warning to Japan not to abandon its anti-nuclear weapons policy.

The IAEA had to know, however, that Japan has long retained the potential to build nuclear weapons. That was made clear as far back as 1996 when a leaked Ministry of Foreign Affairs document exposed how Japan had been promoting a dual strategy in respect to nuclear weapons since the mid-1960s.
It would often publicly profess a non-nuclear policy while maintaining the ability to build a nuclear arsenal. The Liberal Democratic Party, which has dominated Japanese politics, has always said there is no constitutional impediment to nukes.

A factor that undoubtedly would have encouraged the Bush-Cheney White House to provide Japan with the means to secretly build nukes was the growing power of China. 
Cheney and Bush sought to arm Japan and India with nuclear weapons as a means of curbing China.

0 US Cops Continue To Brutalize Peaceful Protesters! While THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!

October 14, 2011 CURRENT TV Keith Olbermann

0 Moderate Jewish voice backs Palestine

Members plan to visit US cities to gain support for a two-state solution and an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders

The ‘J Street’, a “moderate” American-Jewish organisation is a rising voice in the United States that supports Israel, but is completely opposed to the far-right coalition ruling its affairs. This organisation is behind a new Jewish lobby established to counter the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac), the most influential Zionist lobby in America.
‘J Street’ believes that the current extreme trend of Zionism in Israel is totally in contradiction with historical Jewish values that stood against apartheid, fascism and ethnic-cleansing which are the very policies of Israel today. Sounding a note of sharp pessimism, ‘J Street’, believes that the ruling coalition in Israel if let to prevail, will sooner or later destroy Israel and will negatively affect the very existence of Jews around the world. This lobby group supports President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy based upon the premise of a two-state-solution; an independent Palestinian state and an independent Israeli state. ‘J Street’ believes that such a solution would really serve the national security and interests of all concerned especially the Americans, otherwise America, Israel and all Jews would be in dire danger if the current Likud policies are allowed to prevail in the Middle East.
The Palestinian plan to seek recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations stems from the fact that it is absolutely impossible to reach an agreement with the present Israeli Likud government. It also points to the current Israeli policies involving annexation of more Palestinian land for Israeli colonies, and its insistence on ‘a one united Jerusalem under Jewish rule’ as well as insistence on obtaining Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish State.

0 Iran envoy: Russian policy affected by western, Zionist intelligence

Iranian ambassador to Russia Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi said Russian political organizations are mainly influenced by western and Zionist intelligence penetration. 

Sajjadi noted, “Since Russia lies near the Iranian borderlines and that Caucasus region suffers serious tensions, the country has the illusion that Iran is a nuclear power that may be turned into a nuclear and military might in the region. This is due to false information it has received from the West and Zionist regime’s channels.
They (Russia) also said that nuclear discussion is one of the serious factors imposes restrictions in bilateral relations."
“We have made efforts to assure Russians that our defense strategy is not based on nuclear weapons, but unfortunately the possibility of the West and Zionist regime’s intelligence penetration into Russian political system is high,” Sajjadi told ISNA.
Iranian envoy also continued, “We hope a proper dialogue would be opened based on the two sides’ potentials by the mutual visits of the foreign ministers.”
As to Russian ambassador to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Dmitry Rogozin’s plan to visit Tehran, Sajjadi said, “No agreement has been made on his visit to Tehran.”
He added, “There would be no nuclear talks through the visit at all, since he is not working on nuclear issue." 

0 Archaeologists Uncover 25,000-year-old Pendant in Spain

A pendant some 25,000 years old has been found in the Irikaitz dig in northern Spain's Basque region by archaeologists from the Sociedad Aranzadi.

The piece, an oblong gray smooth stone some 10 centimeters (4 inches) in length, is perforated at one end and apparently was hung from a thong or cord around a person's neck, according to the director of the excavation, Alvaro Arrizabalaga, who added that the other end of the stone was used as a tool to retouch the edges of tools made from flint, like arrows or scrapers.

The object comes from the Cromagnon epoch.
Arrizabalaga said that the pendant is older than other such items found so far in the Praileaitz cave which are estimated to be some 15,000 years old.
In addition, he said that there have been "some 20 pieces from this same epoch" found on the Iberian peninsula to date, with the peculiar unifying element that they have always been found in caves.
"The piece is very well preserved and we've been lucky to be able to remove it without damaging it in any way" from the dig near the town of Zestoa, Arrizabalaga said.
The dig leader said the pendant "is not going to need any more restoration," and after experts study it and include it in the collection of Cromagnon discoveries found at the site, it will be placed in the hands of a public museum.
"Twenty-five thousand years ago, human beings of our species came to this place that functioned as a hunting place for wandering groups" the archaeologist said, adding that the groups of humans "moved eight times per year to zones where there were specific types of resources."
The Irikaitz deposit, where archaeologists began working in 1998, is known for being the site of discoveries of pieces up to 250,000 years old, a period when the precursors of Homo sapiens were still in existence.

0 Flulapalooza!, Old world record smashed as 12,647 vaccinated in 8 hours

People didn’t even have to stand in line Wednesday during Flulapalooza as Vanderbilt University set a new world record for flu vaccinations.

The 12,647 who bared their arms easily surpassed the existing record of 6,215 flu shots given in an eight-hour period, but the results still have to be certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.
Faculty, staff and students zipped through the vaccination tent simply by having their identification badges scanned. The shots were free.
By 1 p.m. they had broken the old record set last October by Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. By the event’s end at 3 p.m., they had more than doubled the old record.
Wearing red vests, 44 vaccinators staffed stations within a white tent perched in the heart of the university’s medical complex. They worked two- to four-hour shifts, assisted by volunteers wearing blue vests.
“It’s less than a minute,” said Pamela O. Jones, chief nursing officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Flulapalooza originated as a drill to test Vanderbilt’s capacity to respond to a pandemic, said Dr. Thomas R. Talbot, chief of infectious diseases. Making it a world-record event generated excitement among students. One walked up to Talbot with a bandage on her arm and asked him if it was OK to get a flu shot after giving blood.
He nodded yes and she dashed toward the tent. Other students came in wheelchairs. Health-care workers in uniforms and professors in ties also got their shots.
Talbot said VUMC is considering whether to make flu vaccinations mandatory for its health-care workers — a policy that HCA implemented last year and one that the board of trustees for the American Hospital Association endorsed this summer. The organization represents more than 5,000 hospitals and health systems.
The scanned identification badges will allow Vanderbilt to determine which health-care workers got their vaccinations.
Only 63 percent of health-care workers nationwide got their flu shots last year, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

'Protect your baby'

Daniel Brown of Nashville, a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt, got vaccinated on the week before his first child is due.
“As a parent you want to do everything you can to protect your baby,” Brown said. “They are going to get sick from all kinds of sources, but you don’t want it to be you.”
Families with young children, older adults and people with certain health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart problems, are especially urged to get vaccinated.
Flulapalooza participation was limited to the Vanderbilt community, but Metro Health has a Fast Track Clinic scheduled Oct. 17-21 at the Lentz Health Center for people to get vaccinations with shorter-than-normal wait times. The shots are $20.

Wow...this story just so disgusting in so many ways, I don't know what to say......

but watching and reading the below, and doing your OWN research into WHAT? exactly you are having injected and WHY? would be a start. 
Where did "ethics" in the medical community go anyway??......
into A large Pharmaceutical Company bank account that's where.

At the end of the eighteenth century, British physician Edward Jenner, with highly questionable medical credentials, initiated the theory and practice of live virus immunization that continues to serve as the scientific basis for the ever increasing vaccination of the world's citizens. With the number of vaccinations given to infants and children rising, kids are receiving doses of toxic mercury and other heavy metals well above environmental safety levels.

Yet the medical evidence is clear. Mercury, known as thimerosal, and other heavy metal additives are highly toxic and threaten children with neurological damage. The long-term efficacy of global vaccination remains controversial, inconclusive and is suspect in light of the powerful corporate interests, lobbying efforts, and profits associated with a multi-billion dollar vaccine industry..
In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe. This is one of the most critical questions facing today's children and future generations to come. If inoculation with a large regimen of vaccines is safe, what can account for the rapid increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at epidemic proportions? And why isn't the sudden onset of neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by our government and medical industries?

Weaving together interviews with many of the nations most expert medical researchers, private physicians specializing in autism, parents of children victimized by immunization, congressmen, vaccination activists, legal authorities and more, Vaccine Nation will awaken viewers to one of the continual perils to the health and future of children.

0 "Strange" events at Occupy Seattle, dozens of police officers just up and leave?

I smell a "Cunning Plan"

Cops Leave Westlake Park After Arresting 2!

0 Burnaby Resident makes a stand and refuses to accept his Smart meter

  No smart meters: Local resident Eric Candelaria has concerns about the province's about the new smart meters and put up signs telling B.C. Hydro employees to stay off his property.
No smart meters: Local resident Eric Candelaria has concerns about the province's about the new smart meters and put up signs telling B.C. Hydro employees to stay off his property.

Burnaby resident Eric Candelaria wants B.C. Hydro to keep its smart meter off his house.
He has put signs around the meter on his home near Royal Oak Avenue, telling B.C. Hydro employees they do not have permission to be on his property to install the new meter, only to check the current one. He has also sent a letter to B.C. Hydro.
Candelaria says he is opposed to smart meters because of the cost, where the money goes and the technology being used.
"The bottom line is, the way that they're handling it with no public review and not listening to anybody, it feels a lot like the HST, to be honest," he said, adding his other concerns include safety, privacy and how billing will be handled.
B.C. Hydro has replaced about 10,000 electromechanical meters in Burnaby with digital smart meters thus far, according to the company.
Candelaria first became aware of the smart meters from articles addressing where the money for the project was going. He grew more concerned when he heard the provincial government and B.C. Hydro were ignoring the Union of British Columbia Municipalities' vote for a moratorium on the mandatory installations.
Candelaria, who works in the Internet technology sector, said wireless technology is still not as reliable as hard-wired technology, and he questions what the end costs of the smart meter project will be.

Read more:

UPDATE: 12/10/11

Smart meter opponents launch B.C. initiative

Saanich electrician Walter McGinnis, who speaks for the group Stop Smart Meters, says the public is demanding a say in the installation of the meters.
"This is just a desire to be included in the decision making processes of the province, otherwise known as democracy. People want to have chance to have a say in a democratic fashion," said McGinnis.
The Stop Smart Meters campaign will gather names of volunteers before submitting an application to Elections BC to register an official initiative campaign, he said.
If approved, the group would seek to trigger a referendum on the meters by collecting signatures of registered voters on a provincewide petition, much like the campaign that eventually led to the end of the province's HST.
The group is opposed to the meters for a wide range of reasons, including the possible health effects of the wireless technology, the cost of the program, and concerns about privacy and hacking of the systems.

0 Occupy London 15th October 12pm St Paul’s Cathedral

Occupy the London Stock Exchange
15th October
St Paul’s Cathedral

The words ‘corporate greed’ ring through the speeches and banners of protests across the globe. After huge bail-outs and in the face of unemployment, privatisation and austerity we still see profits for the rich on the increase. But we are the 99%, and on October 15th our voice unites across gender and race, across borders and continents as we call for equality and justice for all.
In London we will occupy the stock exchange. Reclaiming space in the face of the financial system and using it to voice ideas for how we can work towards a better future. A future free from austerity, growing inequality, unemployment, tax injustice and a political elite who ignores its citizens, and work towards concrete demands to be met.
Assemble in front of St Pauls Cathedral at Midday – please try to be on time and not early or late. When you are there be ready and attentive. Make sure to follow @OccupyLSX on twitter for updates on the day.
Try to come with a friend or group of friends. If you are thinking of staying for a while bring plenty of food and water, wrap up warm and you may want to bring tents and a sleeping bag.
Bring your energy and excitement, and be ready to create a better world!

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch
Twitter: @OccupyLSX
For press enquiries please email:

0 ABC interview on BDS, Palestine and far-right love affair with Zionism

The ongoing blind establishment embrace of Israel and condemnation of BDS as akin to Nazi Germany shows no sign of abating in Australia.

Yesterday’s ABC Radio National Breakfast featured a story on the issue and included a brief interview with me explaining the growing alliances between the fascist right and Israel; a mutual hatred of Islam is joining these forces.
Note the comments by Zionist lobbyist Danny Lamm, President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, who denies there is even an occupation of Palestinian lands and demands Palestinians be grateful for Israel bringing universities to the occupied Arabs. Such is warped Zionist “logic”:


0 Albany State drill to test emergency response to a disgruntled employee on campus with a gun.

ASU Police Chief James Fields says that his agency conducted the drill Tuesday afternoon to insure that his officers would know how to stop casualties in a real-world environment, putting  the theory they learned in the classroom into action.

The scenario of the drill was to test their emergency response to a disgruntled employee on campus with a gun.  ASU President Dr. Freeman said that school leadership also wanted to the see how upper campus traffic could be controlled under an emergency situation.

In addition to over two dozen ASU personnel, officers from the Dougherty County School System, Albany Police Department and the Dougherty County Police Department participated and assisted.

Chief Fields said that more drills are planned with outside trainers, to test ASU's response to critical situations without outside help. Fields said that "ASU PD must be able to deal with the threat in a real way, not just in the classroom setting."

District health officers were also on hand to help with coordination of the drill and to evaluate response.

A debriefing was held after to assess the performance of the officers.  Fields said the Board of Regents requires two such drills per year, and ASU plans to have at least three.


Sounds like some "quick fire tragedy" news is in the pipeline, to take some of  this Media/public attention away from 
Occupy Wall Street ....America.

0 Zionist Senator is calling on President Obama to push for serious sanctions against Iran

Georgia's senior U.S. Senator is calling on President Obama to push for serious sanctions against Iran after U.S. investigators uncovered a bizarre murder for hire plot involving that country that could have killed Americans.

Senator Saxby Chambliss praised the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies for foiling the terror plot.

Iranian born U.S. citizen Mansour Ababsiar was arraigned in federal court Tuesday. Investigators say, directed by Iran's government, he tried to hire a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States by blowing up a Washington restaurant.

Sen. Chambliss said, "They didn't care whether innocent women or children or other Americans were killed in the process. They had a target, and they were going to do whatever was necessary to go after that target irrespective of the collateral damage."

Chambliss believes strong sanctions against Iran could turn the Iranian people against their rulers. He says this case presents a unique opportunity for President Obama to push the United Nations Security Council to authorize sanctions on gas, food, and finances that he says could bring Iran to its knees.


Senator Saxby Chambliss has only one Agenda:
Protect Israel...see below:


0 'The Worldwide Vaccines Market Will Reach $20.8bn in 2015' Says Visiongain Report

A new report by visiongain, a London-based business information provider, forecasts that the worldwide vaccines market will reach $20.8bn in 2015. 

Markets and R&D pipelines for vaccines remain strong, with opportunities for vaccine manufacturing specialists. Pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) will benefit. In 2011, leading manufacturers of vaccines include Sanofi, Merck & Co. and GSK. This new study forecasts potential revenues for vaccines at total world and submarket levels to 2021. It also shows revenue predictions for contract vaccine manufacturing. There are forecasts of vaccine volumes (by dose), including geographical production data.
Dr Sharmarke Mohamed, healthcare industry analyst, says: "Vaccines are responsible for some of the greatest public health triumphs. Those achievements include the eradication of naturally-occurring smallpox. Historically, the vaccines market had a wide range of companies vying for market share. However, small-molecule therapies took centre stage at the expense of vaccines. Looking ahead, we expect greater competition in the vaccines market, with more companies making significant headway. Leading companies will react by diversifying their portfolios with new therapeutic vaccines and outsourcing more vaccine manufacturing. Also, universities and other research institutions will play a significant role in the discovery of therapeutic vaccines."
Visiongain predicts that the vaccines industry and market will grow steadily to 2021. The future of vaccine manufacturing is promising, with potential benefits for pharma companies, contract manufacturers, patients and healthcare providers. This new report adds to visiongain's wide range of analytical reports for healthcare and other industries. 

0 "Addiction vaccine" could soon be a reality

Some of the best medical minds in the country are working on a vaccine to help people kick a disease that often lasts a lifetime and ends in death.

They're working on a cure-all to addiction.
A shot that would stop a life of smoking, drinking or drugs before it starts.

"I have a husband who is an alcoholic and so if he could get a shot of something that would get him to stop drinking, that would be great (laughs)," Valois Mickens said.
Mickens laughs, but knows her husband's 20 year alcohol addiction is not a joke.
Her 25-year-old son is also a smoker.
"Once you're an addict you're a lifetime addict. If you can take a shot of something to get it to stop, that's great," Mickens said.
Mickens is eager to learn more about a simple vaccine that could cure nicotine, alcohol and cocaine addiction.
Maybe even obesity.
"So what we do is basically make a cocktail such that we can trick the immune system into recognizing something like cocaine or heroin as being foreign and the immune system will attack it as something foreign and basically remove it," Dr. Kim D. Janda from the Scripps Research Institute said.
We spoke to Dr. Kim Janda, a professor for the Scripps Institute via Skype in San Diego.
He's been working on the addiction vaccine for the last 25 years.
"The main problem has been trying to get a vaccine which works in all humans. Though some of these vaccines only work in about 30 percent of the people," Dr. Janda said.
Dr. Janda hopes to finally get FDA approval within the next three to five years. Then he plans to make the addiction vaccine affordable and available to everyone.
So for those with addictions, like Felix Baez, who has tried everything to quit smoking, "I've tried the patches, I've tried the gum, I've tried cold turkey and nothing," Baez said.
To those who treat addictions like Dr. Andrew Kolodny, chair of psychiatry at Maimonides Medical Center in Brookln, it's a great idea.
"I think it's a terrific idea and we would probably be further along right now with a vaccine that worked if vaccines were more profitable," Dr. Kolodny said.
This vaccine can't come soon enough.

End the drugs industry?, that's never going to's all that keeps most western governments going.
Personally, I think below is the more likely scenario...

0 New California law now allows 12 year old children to be vaccinated without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

National Vaccine Information Center Calls New CA Vaccine Law A "Violation of Parental Informed Consent Rights and Federal Law"

 The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) today criticized California Governor Jerry Brown for bowing to pressure from the pharmaceutical and medical trade lobby and signing a controversial bill (AB499) into law that allows 12 year old children to be vaccinated without the knowledge or consent of their parents.
The new California law allows minor children as young as 12 years old to be given Gardasil and hepatitis B vaccine, as well as future vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases, without the informed consent of their parents.
"The law, which Governor Brown must take personal responsibility for enacting, is a violation of parental rights and federal vaccine safety law," said NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher. "He has done what a lot of powerful people are doing today in America, which is making it easy for big corporations and trade organizations, including doctors and drug companies protected from vaccine injury lawsuits, to exploit ordinary people to increase influence and profits. 
This law will put the lives of minor children too young to make medical decisions at risk. California parents, who will not be informed before their minor children are given vaccines, will be the ones left to deal with the consequences legally and financially if their child becomes vaccine injured."
The National Vaccine Information Center worked with Congress to secure vaccine safety provisions in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, including the requirement for doctors and vaccine providers to fully inform parents about vaccine side effects before minor children are vaccinated. The 1986 law, which created a federal vaccine injury compensation program that has awarded more than $2 billion to the vaccine injured, also mandated that doctors and all vaccine providers record and report vaccine adverse effects to the government to help reduce vaccine injuries and deaths

0 FOX NEWS LIES! FOX NEWS LIES! The Close Of Geraldo's Broadcast From Occupy Wall St Protest

He was also driven out of reporting on the protest completely at one point...with his tail firmly between his legs.(see below)