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0 Protect IP Act Breaks the Internet

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

The video above discusses the Senate version of the PROTECT IP Act, but the House bill that was introduced TODAY is much much worse.
It'll give the government new powers to block Americans' access websites that corporations don't like. The bill would criminalize posting all sorts of standard web content -- music playing in the background of videos, footage of people dancing, kids playing video games, and posting video of people playing cover songs.
This legislation will stifle free speech and innovation, and even threaten popular web services like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.
The bill was just introduced: We need to act now to let our lawmakers know just how terrible it is. Will you fill out the short form below to ask your lawmakers to oppose the legislation?

Congress needs to hear from you, or this bill passes.
Add your voice here:

More on the Protect IP Bill

ALERT: Protect IP Bill is WORSE than S.978 and being RUSHED 

0 US envoy: Palestine not immune to Arab Spring

Hamas could be swept out of power by the Arab Spring if the Palestinian Authority is able to show "tangible" results from peace negotiations with Israel, a top US diplomat said Thursday.

"The Palestinians are no more immune to the currents of change and demand for democratization, reform and freedom than any of the other people in the region," said Ambassador David Hale, the US envoy for Middle East Peace.
"I think you will see those same forces affect Hamas because clearly their leadership is not characterized by any of those words."
Hale cautioned that while Hamas is vulnerable, it will only lose power when the Palestinian people are given a real choice between peace and violence.
"That choice can only be put to the Palestinian people in the context of negotiations in which there is actually something tangible to be judged," Hale told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
"It has to move beyond rhetoric which is unfortunately all we have right now to show for our efforts."
While the security and economic reforms that have been achieved by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank are "valued" they "aren't enough," Hale said.
When the Palestinian people "see that the leadership that is committed to peace has something to offer, then I think then you will see a very different dynamic underway," he added.
Hale cautioned that Palestinian attempts to seek statehood at the United Nations -- including an upcoming vote to grant Palestine full member status at the UN cultural agency UNESCO -- could instead complicate, delay or even "derail" the peace process.
"Peace will not come through statements or actions or votes in the United Nations," he said, adding that such action will simply raise expectations "that we fear will be frustrated because it will do nothing to change the situation on the ground the day after the vote."
He urged Israel and the Palestinian Authority to resume direct peace negotiations but offered no hint as to when those negotiations could begin.

4 Exposed: Media fabricated 'empty tents' story at "Occupy LXS"

Following all the media hype (Telegraph, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express) about 'empty tents' at OccupyLSX we decided to check out whether their thermal imaging evidence was true.

We got hold of *exactly* the same thermal imaging camera and showed that - surprise, surprise - you can't tell when people are in their tents.

So don't believe the lies - come down to OccupyLSX and join the vibrant community of people working for a better world.

0 Occupy Wall Street Movement Now Tied To Terror Groups!

So according to the mainstream media, "Occupy" is primarily composed of...
"Violent, Communist, Anti-Semite,Terrorist funded, Perverts" (see attached story below).
The saving grace is they currently have no ties with any Paedophile Groups.....
that'll be next weeks "News"

Occupy Madison' Loses Permit Due to Public Masturbation

City officials temporarily denied Occupy Madison a new street use permit Wednesday after protesters violated public health and safety conditions and failed to follow the correct processes to renew or amend a permit.

The permit, which expired Wednesday at noon, required Occupy Madison protesters to relocate from their current space at 30 West Mifflin Street, also called 30 on the Square.

A neighboring hotel's staff alleged voiced concerns about having to recently escort hotel employees to and from bus stops late at night due to inappropriate behavior, such as public masturbation, from street protesters.

In addition, officials agreed further occupation should not be allowed to continue without restrooms on site to avoid further public health violations.

0 Israeli Senior Defense Ministry official Amos Gilad; "All options are open" for attack on Iran

Amos Gilad says that while Iran doesn't pose an immediate nuclear threat, Tehran has great motivation to develop one; says Iran believes Israel has no place under the sun.

Senior Defense Ministry official Amos Gilad warned on Friday that Iran is the central threat to Israel and said it should be prioritized as such by leaders in Jerusalem.
From a security perspective, Gilad said, Israel has never had to deal with so many fronts. "We need to know how to prioritize what to deal with first. In my opinion, we're talking about the Iranian front." 
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, he added, see and understand the depth of that threat and the danger it poses Israel.

Asked whether Israel should attack Iran, the Defense Ministry official said, "All options are open."

Israel, he explained, has no place under the sun in the Iranian perspective. "[Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah] Khamenei says that Israel has no place. Iran believes that it needs to be an empire equal in strength to the United States. That is the motivation driving the development of Iran's missile capabilities."

"As of now the Iranians have enriched uranium. Today the situation is that they are on the starting line - there is uranium, the knowledge is there, but they are not producing" nuclear weapons, he said.

0 OCCUPY ISRAEL : Israeli protesters call for 'return to streets' this saturday.

Israeli social protest leaders plan to hold mass rallies on Saturday night, in an attempt to reignite a summer protest movement that brought thousands to the streets in cities across Israel.

A record estimated 430,000 in September 2011
Two months on, protesters say the Israeli government has ignored them and are urging tens of thousands to attend a demonstration in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square under the banner "Back to the Streets," the Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post said Friday.
Rallies will also be held in other cities, including Jerusalem and Haifa, the Tel Aviv-based newspaper Haaretz reported.
Israel's National Student Union has bowed out of organizing Saturday's march, the paper said, adding that the union head asked the media not to focus on his rift with other protest leaders, and that he would still attend the march even though he was denied a platform to speak.
The movement kicked off in late July as activists set up protest tents in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to challenge unaffordable housing.

Protests attracted a growing range of causes, with analysts saying the rallies tapped into widespread frustrations over a growing gap between rich and poor in the country. 
For the main part, protesters steered clear of commenting on Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands and the building of Jewish-only homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Israel's government set up a committee to examine protesters' economic demands, and approved the outline of proposed reforms in early October. 
Protesters will call on Saturday for Israel to cancel next year's national budget and re-launch a "social budget" through popular consultation The Jerusalem Post reported.

1 Muammar el Qaddafi's "Green Book" Understanding the Libyan Leader's Third Way Between Capitalims and Marxism

The Green Book is a three-part collection of political thoughts, social and economic theories and day-to-day how-to guides by Libya’s Muammar el Qaddafi. 

The book sums up Qaddafi’s “Third Universal Theory,” designed to be an alternative to capitalism and “atheistic communism.” It also expounds on the role of women, men, “black people,” music and education in everyday life. In Qaddafi’s words, “THE GREEN BOOK presents the ultimate solution to the problem of the instrument of government, and indicates for the masses the path upon which they can advance from the age of dictatorship to that of genuine democracy.

Qaddafi’s Inspirations

Two models stand out as inspirations for Qaddafi’s Green Book. The first is Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser’s Philosophy of the Revolution (1954), where Nasser lays out his ideas about pan-Arab nationalism and his intention to be not only the Arab world’s leader, but Africa’s, too. Nasser was Qaddafi’s foremost influence as Qaddafi was growing up. The second model for the Green Book is Mao’s Little Red Book (1964-76).
The Green Book, required reading in Libya, is generally more entertaining than coherent, more quaint than philosophically rigorous, and often just plain silly: “Women,” Qaddafi writes, “are females and men are males. According to gynecologists, women menstruate every month or so, while men, being male, do not menstruate or suffer during the monthly period.”
On the other hand, it can sometimes read like rewrites of Rousseau: “All methods of education prevailing in the world should be destroyed through a universal cultural revolution that frees the human mind from curricula of fanaticism which dictate a process of deliberate distortion of man's tastes, conceptual ability and mentality.”
Either way, scholars, political theorists and politicians have had to take the Green Book seriously, if only because it remains Qaddafi’s guiding principles.

The Green Book Broken Down

The Green Book is a collection of three volumes published between 1976 and 1979.
Book One: Published in 1976, the first volume, “The Authority of the People,” is Libya’s equivalent of The Federalist Papers—a series of essays on government theory and how best the people should govern themselves. (Needless to say, the comparison to the Federalist is meant purely as a reflection of the Green Book’s presumption, not its style or substance.)
The volume expounds on the failure of parliamentary democracy (it is unthinkable that democracy should mean the electing of only a few representatives to act on behalf of great masses. This is an obsolete structure”) and the failure of tribal and class systems, and their replacement by what Qaddafi calls “Popular Conferences and the People's Committees.” Those conferences and people’s committees have not been a factor in Libya’s development (and stagnation) since 1969.
Book Two: The second volume, “The Solution of the Economic Problem: Socialism,” was published in 1978. It calls for the end of a wage- and rent-based economy, to be replaced by self-employment or economic partnerships.
“Wage-earners are but slaves to the masters who hire them,” Qaddafi writes. The solution? “The ultimate solution lies in abolishing the wage-system, emancipating people from its bondage and reverting to the natural laws which defined relationships before the emergence of classes, forms of governments and man-made laws. These natural rules are the only measures that ought to govern human relations.”
It’s not clear what Qaddafi means by abolishing wages resulting from “production” and replacing them with income as “a private matter” that “should either be managed privately to meet one's needs or be a share from a production process,” though in a few examples presented later in the book Qaddafi seems to suggest that people should earn whatever satisfies their needs and no more. He does not define the line between need and luxury, or need and indulgence.
Book Three: The third volume, “The Social Basis of the Third International Theory,” was published in 1979. Jana, the Libyan news agency, reported at the time that people converged on bookstores “in orderly queues” to pick up their copy.
Libyans read about Qaddafi’s ideas on “The Nation, “The Tribe,” on women, on black people, minorities, education, music and art, “sports, horsemanship and the stage.” Readers will likely find this volume the most entertaining of the three for its Vico-like, all-encompassing generalities. But Qaddafi prefers dourness to Vico’s exuberance, and of course Qaddafi’s thoughts have none of the charm and reach (to say nothing of the influence) of Vico’s.
On blacks: “The population of other races has decreased because of birth control, restrictions on marriage, and constant occupation in work, unlike the Blacks, who tend to be less obsessive about work in a climate which is continuously hot.”
On music and art: “Humans, being backward, are still unable to speak one common language. Until this human aspiration is attained, which seems impossible, the expression of joy and sorrow, of what is good and bad, beautiful and ugly, comfortable and miserable [...]--all will be expressed according to the language each person speaks spontaneously.”
On sport: “Boxing and wrestling are evidence that mankind has not rid itself of all savage behaviour.” Qaddafi must’ve anticipated Friday night Smackdown.

Green Book Trivia

In 1987, the German ice hockey team Iserlohn (founded in 1959 by Canadian soldiers serving in West Germany and owned in 1987 by former mason and contractor Heinz Weifenbach) briefly sported the Green Book as a sponsor on its jerseys.
The team was facing bankruptcy. Failing to win conventional sponsors, team owner Weifenbach flew to Libya, then claimed that the Center for the Studies and Researches of the Green Book had agreed to pay the Iserlohn club $900,000 to advertise the book on jerseys and in the team’s arena. Friedrich Zimmermann, then West Germany’s interior minister, called the advertising “a clear violation of accepted political neutrality in sports” and pressured Germany’s hockey federation to “take all necessary measures to oppose this crass development.” The West German Hockey Federation banned the ads. 

Does he still sound like the 
"Absolute Monster" 
the media tells you he was??

0 Reign of the flesh-eating ZoMBies! A Real-Life Hallowe’en Story

Here’s a horror movie script: A pack of flesh-eating zombies establishes total control over the world.

But because the zombies dominate the media, and have infiltrated other power centers, ordinary people don’t realize it.
When victims are found dead, half-devoured, huge chunks of flesh ripped out of their cadavers, human-like teeth marks up and down what’s left of their skin, the zombie coroner rules it a heart attack. And when witnesses contest the coroner’s ruling, insisting they saw a bunch of zombies ripping flesh off the victim with their teeth and sucking down the bloody strands like spaghetti, the witnesses are either bought off, or suffer similar “heart attacks” themselves.
If only this were just a horror movie.

The hideous truth is that the ZoMBies – Zionists, Militarists, and Banksters – have already taken over much of the world. Their secret government, which overrules democracy and stages and covers up murderous atrocities on a regular basis, is rarely if ever acknowledged by such mainstream institutions as government, academia, and big media.
In the horror movies, zombies are parasites. They don’t do any real, productive work. They just feast off human flesh.
Zionist-Militarist-Bankster ZoMBies are also killer-parasites.
The Zionists have become a humungous trillion-dollar leech sucking the blood out of the American body politic. They are trying to sustain a genocidal settler-colony fifty years after settler colonialism died. The whole world – especially their nearest neighbors – loathes them and longs to put them out of their misery. Their situation is hopeless. They only survive due to the Amazon-river-sized flood of hot, fresh blood that they suck continuously out of the ever-more-anemic USA. The Zionist parasite is killing the American host.
The militarists are also parasites. Sure, they have a job to do: Defend the borders. But the USA could defend its borders for a minuscule fraction of its current military budget. Because the militarists have the guns, they can point them at the civilian sector and say: Give us a hundred times more than we need to defend the borders! And the civilian sector – the productive sector – has no choice but to comply. If someone dissents, like JFK or MLK or Paul Wellstone, they are made an example of. With all that extra money, the militarist parasites have plenty of means to run around the world stirring up unnecessary trouble, inventing imaginary threats, and brainwashing the public into believing the puppet show is real. And because military spending kills economies ( the military parasite is killing the civilian host.
But if you thought the Zionists and militarists were parasites, get a load of the banksters! Like militarists, bankers supposedly have a job to do: Provide a safe place for deposits, and make loans. But this job was a form of organized crime throughout most of history, because charging interest on loans – usury – has always been considered one of the worst of crimes. So the banking sector was always the top tier of organized crime.
The banksters became even more gargantuan parasites when they began committing the crime euphemistically described as “fractional reserve lending” – a fancy term for an exceptionally nasty form of fraud. (Watch The Money Masters for details.) By lending out far more paper money than they had gold in their vaults backing it, these counterfeiters built a financial dynasty. Soon they had enough money to bribe the politicians to let them, the bankster criminals, create the entire money supply out of nothing by lending it into existence at interest. Since then, the banksters have ruled. Democracy is a fraud, a puppet show designed to distract the masses.
It is the banksters who sit at the apex of the Zionist-Militarist-Bankster power pyramid. They are the real ZoMBie kings. As the Rothschilds say, “give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.”
Who gains when the US goes broke by hemorrhaging a trillion dollars to Israel and trillions more to the military? The banksters. Where do you think the US has to borrow all that money from? (It could print the money itself, as the Constitution mandates – but because we’re living in a horror movie where ZoMBies rule, when a president tries that, as Jack Kennedy did, his skull will soon explode into a splatter of blood, brains and bone splinters.)
The US is going broke, getting in deeper and deeper debt to the banksters. Our flesh is being devoured. Our economy is a walking corpse.
As the stench of death spreads across the land, ordinary people are gathering on Wall Street and elsewhere to defend themselves against the ZoMBies.
Will this one have a happy ending?
Got me. Ask George Romero.

View the original article at  
Veterans Today

0 The Most Disgusting Woman On Earth.....

0 "They Shot Tear Gas Into Crowds! Women, Children, Grand Mothers All Standing In The Same Spot"

0 The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters

In this invitational presentation to the San Francisco Tesla Society consulting engineer Rob States explains how PG&E's so-called 'smart' meters work and why they endanger health and privacy. He asks the obvious question, "Why would you trust the company that brought you Prop. 16?"
For more info:

0 BPA ban? Bring it on

In its 2011 session, the Oregon Legislature failed to approve a limited ban on Bisphenol A, better known as BPA. This industrial chemical is widely used to harden plastic containers, and has been shown to leach into food and liquids.

Now Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen is wading in where legislators failed to go, and Cogen is right to lead the way. The ban he's proposing would make it illegal countywide to sell baby bottles, reusable water bottles and children's spill-proof cups containing BPA.
It's unusual for the county to venture into this territory, but it has legal authority to do so under the auspices of the Multnomah County Health Department. And there's good reason not to take a "wait and see" approach to BPA.

Increasingly, manufacturers and large retailers are wising up. Many baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles on the market no longer contain the chemical. Sellers may or may not be worried about the hazards of BPA, but they are worried about market forces. They know many consumers will no longer buy products that contain the chemical.

But a ban would address a continuing environmental disparity. Those most at risk now of acquiring BPA-laden baby bottles, reusable water bottles and cups are low-income children and adults, Cogen argues. The dollar stores, corner markets and other places more often frequented by low-income families are more likely to still have such products on their shelves.

A documented 93 percent of us already have some level of BPA in our systems. Bisphenol A is used in the manufacture of everything from food and beverage can liners to cash register receipts, flame retardants and dental sealants.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, BPA residues have been detected in "nearly every fluid measured including urine, breast milk, cord blood and follicular fluid" found in the ovaries. In 2010, the National Toxicology Program expressed "some concern" that BPA exposure in fetuses, infants and children may increase the risk of harm to the developing brain.

Studies have linked BPA exposure to endocrine disruption. BPA mimics estrogen. With a little heat or the zapping of a microwave, the chemical has the potential to trigger a wide range of problems. A study published this week in the journal Pediatrics links high levels of exposure before birth in girls to a greater likelihood of exhibiting depression, anxiety and hyperactivity by age 3. The National Toxicology Program has said, "The possibility that Bisphenol A may alter human development cannot be dismissed."

That may not be as definitive a warning as some were hoping for, but taking a cautious approach to this chemical wherever it can be dialed back is smart, particularly where industrial substitutes exist. And they do for baby bottles, sippy cups and reusable water bottles.

Tragically, in our history, hazardous chemicals have often been treated as if they should be considered innocuous until proven guilty. That is a foolish standard to impose. It has kept dangerous chemicals in circulation long after evidence pointed to their harmful effects.

Convicting a chemical of causing grave health consequences beyond the shadow of a doubt is unreasonable. Bisphenol A has raised enough red flags to warrant policies that limit human exposure. By taking action, the county will exert pressure on the state to act -- and the state should.

0 UN Special Rapporteur on OPT urges Israel to protect the rights of Palestinian Children

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, has issued a report urging the Government of Israel to adopt guidelines for the protection of Palestinian children living under occupation.

According to Falk, “Many of the arrests of Palestinian children arise out of allegations of stone-throwing aimed at settlers or Israeli security personnel in the West Bank. Those accused, unlike Israeli children in the West Bank, are subject to Israeli military law, which offers far fewer protections for minors than are present in Israeli criminal law. Most relevantly, in military law there is an absence of protective provisions regarding the presence of a parent during interrogation, the hours that the interrogation must be conducted or respect for the dignity of the child during the arrest process.”
The report also highlights the issue of settler violence against Palestinians, including children, stating that "the failure by Israel to prevent and punish settler violence remains a serious and ongoing violation of its most fundamental obligation under international humanitarian law to protect a civilian population living under occupation, and to accord particular protection to children as specified in Protocol I, article 77."

Read the UN Special Rapporteur latests reports: 

This is how Mr Falk, (funnily enough a "Jewish American") has been treated by Israel in recent years...

0 Israel’s Gilad Shalit got off lightly

Considering a Palestinian kid throwing stones gets imprisonment and mashed testicles!

By Stuart Littlewood

24 October 2011

Stuart Littlewood views the hypocrisy of Western civic leaders who are falling over one another honouring Gilad Shalit for “sitting behind his armour plate picking out soft targets among the women and children packed into the Gaza Strip” while ignoring the vilest crimes committed by Israel against civilians, including children.

While the whole world, it seemed, was in ecstasy over the freeing of Gilad Shalit, I was amazed to discover that the Israeli tank-gunner had been made an honorary citizen of Rome, Paris, Baltimore, Miami, Pittsburgh and New Orleans.

Knowing what we know, that’s pretty sick stuff.

Europe’s and America’s hypocrites

Rome's mayor, Gianni Alemanno, said that honouring Shalit in this way was "a gesture of high symbolic value, with which Rome chooses to salute the values of life, of solidarity and of respect for the human rights." He added: "You cannot win using violence, kidnapping and ransom."

Has he told that to the Israeli government?

And how on earth does Shalit embody the values of life and respect for human rights?

Has Mayor Alemanno any idea of the death and destruction a 105mm or 120mm tank round can inflict? Tank gunner Shalit was deployed on the Gaza border to implement Israel's criminal policy and to terrorize the Gazan population into submission. Those tanks make frequent incursions into Gaza to shell civilian targets. When Shalit was captured in June 2006 the Israelis were already tightening their illegal blockade on Gaza.

Shalit, like his comrades, was implicated in an appalling crime against humanity and he paid the price – not to the proper authority, the International Criminal Court, which should have nailed his superiors long before now, but to the victims of Israel’s military aggression.
Paris City Council and its mayor voted unanimously to honour Shalit. And President Nicolas Sarkozy wrote to the tank-gunner: "It is time that those responsible for your detention make a decision and end your intolerable and outrageous imprisonment."


Shocking Testimonies: Brutalizing Palestinian Children 

The rights of Palestinian children are routinely violated by Israel's security forces, according to a 2009 report that says beatings and torture are common.
Israeli Soldier Uses Child For "Human Shield"
In addition, hundreds of Palestinian minors are prosecuted by Israel each year without a proper trial and are denied family visits.

The findings by Defence for Children International (DCI) come in the wake of revelations from Israeli soldiers and senior commanders that it is “normal procedure” in the West Bank to terrorise Palestinian civilians, including children.

Col Itai Virob, commander of the Kfir Brigade, disclosed last month that to accomplish a mission, “aggressiveness towards every one of the residents in the village is common”. Questioning included slaps, beatings and kickings, he said.

0 Bahar: “Israeli Groups Plan To Assassinate Freed Detainees”

Deputy head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Dr. Ahmad Bahar, warned that Israel and a number of “Zionist” groups are “allocating money to fund the assassination of detainees released under the prisoner-swap deal”.

PLC Deputy Head - Dr. Ahmad Bahar 
Bahar added that some extremist members of the Israeli Knesset are also encouraging the assassinations.
The Hamas-affiliated Palestinian Information Center stating that Bahar issued a press released stating that “the Zionist threats against the detainees should not be taken lightly”.

“There is ongoing incitement practiced by fundamentalist members of Knesset, and settlers, against the freed detainees”, Bahar said, “This proves that Israel intends to target those detainees in the coming stage”.
He called on the freed detainees to remain alert, especially in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.
Bahar further stated that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, must practice an essential role in countering the Israeli plans, and must ensure full protection to the released detainees “instead of the humiliation they face by the security forces that interrogate them”.
He also stated that the P.A in the West Bank is forbidding any activities and festivals that celebrate the release of the detainees.
The Hamas official called on the Egyptian leadership to act and foil the Israeli plans to harm the freed detainees.