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0 Inside Osama's squalid hideaway: New pictures emerge as White House gets set to release Bin Laden home videos

The daily mail is really hitting the FLIP FLOP switch in it's reporting of the circumstances surrounding "Bin Laden's Death"

One minute they seem to be supporting the idea....then the next they seem to be saying "it's all poppycock!"

Daily mail:
  • Shaky footage shows litter-strewn compound in barely habitable state
  • U.S. may also release home videos found during raid
  • House worth no more than $250,000 say experts
Extraordinary footage of Osama Bin Laden's secret compound in Abbottabad show the terror leader had been living in virtual squalor. 
Strewn with rubbish and with paint peeling off the walls, the dirt-infested compound appears barely habitable and is a far cry from initial claims the compound was a sophisticated £1m hideaway.
The ramshackle structure resembles like a building site and the pictures of the outside show steel rods protruding from the roof, suggesting it may have been incomplete.
Of course, some damage would have been caused during the American Navy Seal mission to capture the 9/11 mastermind, but the footage is still very revealing.

It was released today on the Al Jazeera English website and gives a shaky tour of what appears to be the inside of the main house, a few outbuildings and a small fruitless orchard.
The video emerged as it was revealed that home videos and propaganda tapes that were found in the compound may be released which show Bin Laden strolling around his secret lair.
U.S. officials aid they may even be put out later today.

The stash is part of a wealth of information collected during the U.S. raid that killed Bin Laden and four others last week.
The information suggests Bin Laden played a strong role in planning and directing attacks by Al-Qaeda and its affiliates in Yemen and Somalia, two senior officials said.

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The Al Jazeera video above is the most unconvincing thing I've seen throughout this whole's basically just a loop that could really have been filmed anywhere.....but that's the point!!...this whole story has backfired badly! it's the paid media's job of covering it up, by throwing any and every bit of confusion at this thing now, so people can't put the pieces together...and will argue about the where's & how's instead of WHO PROFITS?


0 Another Faked Bin Laden Propaganda Photo shows up

Startling insight into the life of Bin Laden's young wife who gave up everything for terror chief.

excerpt of article:
Taking a bullet for your husband and agreeing to live in a cave for him are surely the biggest gestures of love a woman can make.
But these are just days in the life of the wife of Osama bin Laden who - until Monday - was America's most wanted terrorist.
Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah - thought to be Bin Laden's fifth and final wife - was shot in the calf when she charged at the Navy SEALs who stormed the room she had been living in with her husband for the last five years.
As Pakistani authorities took hold of the woman and her young daughter Safiyah, they hoped that questioning her could provide intricate details into the life of America's most hated enemy.
The article carries the following Badly Photoshopped photograph....which I've highlighted:

 I thought I could do a better job myself.....the following took me around 15 minutes..and I'm a long long way from being any kind of "expert" at ain't brilliant but it's better.

It's a wonder they didn't go the whole hog and have it dug up among the smoldering burning rubble...
on top of a burning Koran!!, as they did with one of the 9/11 hijackers passports.....

Are we really meant to just believe all these inconsistency's and out right lies surrounding this story of Osama's death?...
or is the real goal to confuse and mislead so much so...that people start to forget the main point is that he was very likely already dead and had been for some time?, at least ten years by most estimates.
During the late 90's he was diagnosed with a rare form of Kidney disease from that point on he required the daily constant help of a dialysis machine, these of which are surprisingly scarce in the middle of the desert.
Show me a VERY GOOD photo or video of a dialysis machine being removed from the so called " Compound" and I'd at least have a little respect for people propagating this story,
I still wouldn't believe it....but least we would know they were trying a little harder, and didn't take the public as complete idiots.

0 New research reveals conspiring conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theories - such as those surrounding the death of Princess Diana - are more likely to be believed by people who are willing themselves to conspire, new research at the University has shown.

In a paper to be published in the British Journal of Social Psychology, Dr Karen Douglas and Dr Robbie Sutton, two researchers from the School of Psychology [1], found that - in keeping with the psychological process called projection - an individual’s perception that "I would do it" informs his or her perception that "they did it".
The research, titled Does it take one to know one? Endorsement of conspiracy theories is influenced by personal willingness to conspire [2], considered the responses of around 250 UK undergraduates to 17 major alleged conspiracies, such as the 'assassinations' of Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy, the 'faking’ of the moon landings and the 'orchestration' of the 9/11 attacks by the US government.
In the first study, participants were asked whether they would personally play a role in such conspiracies, if they had been in a position to do so. An example of this was 'If you were in the position of the government, would you have ordered the attack on the Twin Towers?' The more that participants indicated a willingness to conspire, the more they found the same conspiracy theories to be plausible, interesting, and worth considering.
Further, the researchers found that participants who were highly Machiavellian - defined as willing to exploit others for personal gain - were more likely to indicate willingness to conspire, and as a result, were more likely to believe in conspiracy theories.
In the second study, half of the participants were asked to remember a time that they had helped someone. The research team reasoned that this would temporarily enhance participants' sense that they are moral people. As expected, these participants, when compared to a control group, were less willing to conspire, and as a result, were less likely to take conspiracy theories seriously.
'We wanted to test a new explanation of why conspiracy theories are endorsed in an internet age when people have access to a matrix of often conflicting information from a variety of sources,' said Dr Douglas.
'We found that in their search for explanations under such uncertain and confusing conditions, people rely partly on projection - the assumption that others would behave much as they would.
'We're not saying however that all conspiracy theorists are immoral or that they have arrived at their beliefs through projection. It's important to note that other factors may lead people to believe in conspiracy theories. Also, our research says nothing about the truth or objective plausibility of such theories. However what we have shown is that one reason some people endorse conspiracy theories is because is they project their own moral tendencies onto the supposed conspirators', she said.

0 The Real Whitehouse Situation Room Photo... During Bin Laden's "Death".

Click picture for Larger size

0 Could mainstream news media use this kind technology for Protest/Crowd control coverage?

Could mainstream news media use this kind technology for "false flag" or "Protest/Crowd control" coverage?...adding or removing the crowd...or even "buildings" as it sees fit, in an effort to make the TV viewer less or more concerned?.

It's been done many times before with far less style..but still produced the same goal. 

Think for example the jubilation of the crowds during the pulling down of Saddam's statue at the end of the Iraq war,

all that took was a certain camera angle to make it seem that there actually were crowds....
click for larger
A far pan of the footage shows how set up the scene really was, for more on this see:

Yes this technology makes your favourite TV show look more flashy...but use it to "Trick" the public... and it paints a very scary future for us all.

0 Dr Sanjay Gupta Forgets the script on Anderson Coopers show when talking about Bin Ladens DNA

Obama's choice of  Surgeon General 2009, though he withdrew..many think he maybe just hasn't had his 
"take one for the team & reap the rewards" moment yet.
Dr Gupta,  talking about how the DNA  Test done on Osama Bin Laden only took 5 hours....rather than the at least 

48 hours it would normally take,  loses the script and gets nicely re-directed by Cooper...who then also struggles...with the most comical  nonsensical piece of ballcrap story to come out of Washington in....oooh...a decade?

0 Photo of dead 'Osama' reported to be found on website from last December?

The below story is from
as the original source at
is now suddenly no longer available...
Mike Rivero caught it just in time ;o)

Well, I am no expert, but it looks to me from the date stamps on this web page like the picture blasted all over Pakistan TV of the 'Osama' that was killed today ...

... might be a photo that was floating around the internet for the last few months...
And it appears to be photoshopped!
                      Here is the real Osama from about 15 years ago.

                                                       Now flip it left to right...

                     And compare the lower half with today's photo of the 
                                                        dead  'Osama'!

There are other signs of photoshop as well, such as blurred edges on the beard and an obvious difference in sharpness between the eyes and the mouth, It looks like someone took a dead body and pasted the real Obama's mouth onto it to make it look more like him. Did Obama just fall for a dirty trick by Pakistan's ISI? Inquiring minds want to know! :) Mike Rivero


0 France says U.S. economy will get a boost from bin Laden's death

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde on Monday welcomed the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and said his death could bolster consumer confidence and economic growth in the United States.

Christine Lagarde
"The U.S. economy is like the American people. It reacts very quickly either positively or negatively," Lagarde told France 2 television. "I wouldn't be surprised if this event prompted a pick-up in confidence."
News that a U.S.-led operation had killed bin Laden in a firefight in Pakistan caused the dollar to rebound from a three-year low on Monday, and Lagarde said his killing would give a lift to U.S. stocks and other financial securities.
The death of the terrorist leader who masterminded the deadly September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, would help heal a wound that had been open for nearly a decade, she said.
Bin Laden had been the object of a search since he eluded U.S. soldiers and Afghan militia forces in a large-scale assault on the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan in 2011. 

I've got just one thing to say to that....
"LOL! how stupid do they think you are??"

0 Fox News December 2001: Bin Laden Already Dead