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0 John Cleese Orders Strike on Iran in Israeli Ad for Chocolate Spread Um, what?

We've already established that John Cleese will do anything for money when it comes to shooting ads. (Faulty showers, anyone?) He seemed to redeem himself just a little bit recently with the amusing DirecTV spot. But now he's back to doing stuff that's just weird. For example: the new Israeli commercial below, in which he plays a Western general who, at the behest of Israel, accidentally orders a military strike on a foe, presumably Iran. "I promise you we will be in and out in 33 minutes," one of the Israelis tells Cleese. "We have the right to defend ourselves!" The former Python, ever the bumbling idiot, ignores the man, and instead tastes some Sababa Egozim chocolate-hazelnut spread that happens to be sitting nearby. Impressed, he mumbles the brand name, which apparently translates to something like, "Let's get nuts." The Israelis take this as official approval for a strike, and soon the missiles are flying. I think I speak for everyone when I say, what just happened?


0 Juila Gillard caught completely off guard by Fabian Society question in Perth, July 2012


16 July 2012: Footage from the broadcast of the People's Forum on the Carbon Tax, where Australian Labor Party Prime Minister Julia Gillard is asked about her Fabian Society membership and its influence on the recently established carbon tax.

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Former Australian PM Bob Hawke (also a Labor Party Leader & Fabian Society member) is quoted in the question as saying:

"I gladly acknowledge the debt of my own government to Fabianism."

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