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3 Ron Paul Iowa Banner ;o)

Just a little banner I knocked up while bored at work...feel free to use it as you please. ;o)

0 CBN: Hatred Of Israel & The Jewish People Is On The Rise Around The World!

Quote Danny Danone " The next one's in line will be the Christians in Europe...and the Christians in the US.."

I think this video in itself was probably the most racist, twisted, 4 minutes of garbage I've heard this month.....but I'm sure theres more to come. They might have well said "kill all the muslims"....I need to join the Mel Gibson fan club, that man has a point...and he's being thrown over hot coals for it.

0 Psssst France: Here Is Why You May Want To Cool It With The Britain Bashing - The UK's 950% Debt To GDP

Source: Tyler Durden

While certainly humorous, entertaining and very, very childish, the recent war of words between France and Britain has the potential to become the worst thing to ever happen to Europe.
Actually, make that the world and modern civilization. 

Why? Because while we sympathize with England, and are stunned by the immature petulant response from France and its head banker Christian Noyer to the threat of an imminent S&P downgrade of its overblown AAA rating, the truth is that France is actually 100% correct in telling the world to shift its attention from France and to Britain. So why is this bad. Because as the chart below shows, if there is anything the global financial system needs, is for the rating agencies, bond vigilantes, and lastly, general public itself, to realize that the UK's consolidated debt (non-financial, financial, government and household) to GDP is... just under 1000%That's right: the UK debt, when one adds to its more tenable sovereign debt tranche all the other debt carried on UK books (and thus making the transfer of private debt to the public balance sheet impossible), is nearly ten times greater than the country's GDP. To call that "game over" is an insult to game overs everywhere. So here's the bottom line: France should quietly and happily accept a downgrade, because the worst that could happen would be a few big French banks collapsing, and that's it. If, on the other hand, the UK becomes the center of attention (recall this is the same UK that allows unlimited rehypothecation of worthless assets, and the same UK that unleashed the juggernaut known as AIG-FP's Joe Cassano - after all there is a reason why the UK has 600% its GDP in financial liabilities - financial innovation always goes there where it is least regulated), then this island, which far more so than the US is the true center of the global banking ponzi scheme, will suddenly find itself at the mercy of the market. At that point the only question is whether the vigilantes will dare to take down the UK, as said take down will result in an implosion in the very fabric of modern finance, much more so than what even a full collapse of France could ever achieve, or if due to the certain Mutual Assured Destruction that would follow a coordinated UK onslaught, the market will simply very quietly proceed to ignore the elephant in the room.

1 FBI Investigating Iowa Caucus Hacking Threat

Of course the implications of a Ron Paul win at Iowa, have nothing to do with the perfect timing of this report...

0 If you have never heard the full version of this....take a seat for just 9mins and listen..

If you cannot do 9 mins....skip to 3:30.

0 "Will This Strategy Of Pretending Ron Paul Doesn't Exist Work For The Republicans?"

If Ron Paul does win, he's defiantly going to need a few pairs of these.... 

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