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0 Mystery Lung Illness Affecting Iraq and Aganistan Veterans

US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with an apparently untreatable and incurable lung disease are being dismissed as out of shape because tests appear normal, writes Sarah Jones.
A US soldier takes up position during a patrol in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk (Reuters)
A civilian physician who has diagnosed more than 50 soldiers with constrictive bronchiolitis says the life-altering disease is linked to service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Dr Robert Miller, of Vanderbilt University, says: "This scarring of the small airways in the lungs is common in people who have had bone marrow transplants or lung transplant rejection not people who have passed military fitness exams.
I get shortness of breath and painful burning in my lungs after running just a quarter of a mile, I can't run any more Dr Sylvia Waters
"What we can say is that this disorder is linked to service in the Middle East. But we haven't been able to definitively link what the cause is for the black lacy pigment. It's something that's inhaled that shouldn't be there."
Last month the New England Journal of Medicine published a study by Dr Miller and colleagues which documented the condition of soldiers who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan and were diagnosed with constrictive bronchiolitis.
However, their analysis doesn't reveal how common the condition is in troops or positively identify the cause of constrictive bronchiolitis in troops.
'Black lacy pigmentation'
The diagnoses were made after lung biopsies. At least half the soldiers have left the service with a disability rating making them eligible to receive anywhere between $123 to over $3,100 per month depending on the level of their disability and number of dependents.

In certain instances the Department of Veterans Affairs recognises a link between the disorder and service. But compensation is based on pulmonary function testing (PFT) and soldiers with constrictive bronchiolitis have normal PFT results despite having scarring of the airways, black lacy pigment in their lungs and severe exercise limitations.
A further complication is that deployed troops do not receive pre- and post-deployment pulmonary function tests that could help doctors know the extent of lung damage.
Dr Sylvia Waters serves in the US army and is a practicing anaesthetist. She used to run every day but after serving in Iraq she had to give up her passion.
"After a six-month tour in Mosul, Iraq I get shortness of breath and an excruciating burning in my lungs after running just a quarter of a mile. I can't run any more."
Army physicians tried routine tests including X-rays, pulmonary function tests and chest CT scans. They tried inhalers and steroid treatments but nothing worked and all tests results kept coming back normal.
At times, Dr Waters says she doubted herself: "I felt like I was going crazy because all these physicians kept telling me everything was coming back negative.
"It was only the fact that I was a physician and I knew other doctors that I even got diagnosed because I don't know how else I would have done it."
Dr Waters' diagnosis process involved an invasive procedure in which the chest is cut open so that a small piece of the lung can be removed for analysis.
"The procedure provided me with an answer, and although it's invasive there was a chance I could have been diagnosed with something treatable. The diagnosis was shocking because, if it's progressive, people live five to 10 years but at the same time I was relieved to finally have an answer."
Although the military referred Dr Waters to Dr Miller at her request, Dr Miller says the Department of Defense stopped sending soldiers to him three years ago.
When asked why they had stopped referring patients to him, the Department of Defense issued a statement saying despite this, it is still committed to investigating respiratory health risks.
Craig Postlewaite, Director of Force Readiness, Health Assurance, Health Protection and Readiness Programs said that the Department continues to collect medical surveillance data and perform epidemiological studies to evaluate health risks associated with breathing dust or smoke.
Dr Waters says the year-long journey to get diagnosed was arduous even though she's a health professional.
"There is no way a typical Private would get to see Dr Miller, because they don't know what to research. They're being told by a physician 'you're normal, everything's fine, go suck it up and run' but then they fail their physical fitness test.
"These are young kids, 18 years old, they have no clue. I found it was difficult even for me to get diagnosed and I'm a physician."


0 Netherlands elite taking predicive programming a little....too far?

Yes this post is a little "tongue in cheek".....but I'm still finding it somehow a little troubling also....

0 Japan eyes lifting ban on beef shipments from Fukushima, Miyagi

The government plans to soon lift a ban on the shipment of beef from Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, possibly Friday, in connection with the latest food scare following the discovery of radioactive cesium-contaminated beef, government sources said Thursday.

The move follows a compilation by the prefectures of cattle inspection programs and measures to manage radioactive rice straw, which was fed to cattle in the region despite a government notice urging farms not to use it as livestock feed.
After the ban is lifted, farms will be able to restart their beef shipments once the prefectural governments ascertain that radioactive cesium contained in the beef from their cattle measures below 500 becquerels per kilogram, a provisional safety limit set by the government, according to the sources.

0 Common law fully explained to a jolly policeman.

Carlsberg don't make Policemen....but if they did...

From video description:
This was not long after i got let out of prison , for speaking the truth and getting set up by the police for assult.
But this was a good day of waking up another policeman as i believe that we need these guys to realise who they work for and why. (the date stamp is wrong, it was march 25 2011)

3 Is Obama Telling Us Exactly What Kind of False Flag Event to Expect Next Month?

Who is this "Al kider" anyway?

2 New Oil Leaking from Deepwater Horizon Macondo Well

BP Hires Fleet of 40 Shrimp Boats to Lay Boom Around Deepwater Horizon Site.

Macondo Well site
No, this isn’t a post from last year. Oil from the Macondo Well site is fouling the Gulf anew – and BP is scrambling to contain both the crude and the PR nightmare that waits in the wings. Reliable sources tell us that BP has hired 40 boats from Venice to Grand Isle to lay boom around the Deepwater Horizon site – located just 50 miles off the Louisiana coast. The fleet rushed to the scene late last week and worked through the weekend to contain what was becoming a massive slick at the site of the Macondo wellhead, which was officially “killed” back in September 2010.
The truly frightening part of this development, as reported in a previous post (see below), is the oil may be coming from cracks and fissures in the seafloor caused by the work BP did during its failed attempts to cap the runaway Macondo Well – and that type of leakage can’t be stopped, ever.
Catch up on how this could possibly be happening – again – by reading or re-reading my July 25 post below. Stay tuned as we will be all over this story as it continues to develop.
Is BP’s Macondo Well Site Still Leaking? Fresh Oil on the Gulf Raises Concerns and Haunting Memories
Fresh oil is surfacing all over the northern quadrant of the Gulf of Mexico. Reports of slicks that meander for miles and huge expanses of oil sheen that look like phantom islands are becoming common, again. Fresh oil, only slightly weathered, is washing ashore in areas hit hardest by last year’s massive spill, like Breton Island, Ship Island, the Chandeleurs and northern Barataria Bay. 

BP has reactivated its Vessels of Opportunity (VoO) program to handle cleanup. It’s a sickeningly familiar scene that has fishermen, researchers and public officials searching for answers, as haunting memories of last year’s calamity come roaring back.
The fifty-thousand-dollar question, of course, is where is all the new oil coming from?
One theory: The Macondo Well site, located just 40 miles off the Louisiana coast, is still leaking untold amounts of oil into the Gulf. Some argue that the casing on the capped well itself is leaking. Others believe oil is seeping through cracks and fissures in the seafloor caused by months of high-impact work on the site, including a range of recovery activities (some disclosed, some not) as well as the abortive “top kill” effort.

Just for confirmation below video taken
Aug 13th 2011: 

0 Solar Flare Activity Prompting NASA to Convene a News Briefing Thursday in Washington

Increasing solar activity and the threat that coronal mass ejections (CME) pose to Earth has prompted NASA to convene a news briefing at its Headquarter building in Washington on Thursday afternoon.

Thursday’s briefing has been arranged, space agency officials say, in light of new information coming from NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), spacecraft and other NASA probes.  The briefing will feature new details about the structure of solar storms and the impact they have on Earth.

The briefing panellists are Madhulika Guhathakurta, STEREO program scientist; Craig DeForest, staff scientist, Southwest Research Institute, David Webb, research physicist, Institute for Scientific Research, Boston College; and Alysha Reinard, research scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Colorado.

The briefing will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website at 2:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM GMT).

Incoming C-Class CME / NASA News Briefing Tomorrow !!!

Video Sourced From:

0 MUST SEE Street Interview: "London Riots WILL Escalate Into A Full Social Meltdown"

London riots: Social meltdown Fulham interview

0 Radioactivity in rain 20 000cpm / sq. meter Toronto Canada!!

Description From Video:
This is part 3 of my measurements of the radioactivity falling on the north of GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Canada on August 14th 2011 at 17h55.
Aprox. 1 square meter of smooth surface wiped (glass, solar panels).
Measured with a Eberline HP-260 Pancake Probe and with a Eberline E-140 counter. (Sorry for the crappy video quality, I was using my cell phone camera, I guess it's alright for a first upload...)
I measured 20 000 cpm per square meter of wipe today!!! This is the all time record since I have been taking measurements since March 14th 2011 . Previous record was 10 000cpm (counts per minute).
One panel I always keep clean, but the other panels collected quite a bit of dirt which seems to increase the radioactivity collection ability. The panels were not radioactive before it rained.

The decay rate is typically 33min - 45minutes. This matches Radon decay daughter products being selectively washed out of the atmosphere, (hence the variable decay rate.)

Where is it from? Is it normal? Is it from Fukushima? Is the NWO spiking the clouds with radioactive isotopes for weather modification? Dunno. I all know, is we get cooked virtually every time it rains or snows. The levels are increasing. In the beginning the levels were roughly doubling every 2 weeks. Since the start of the summer the levels stabilized to 3500-5000 cpm per sq. meter every time it rained. But today, yikes! 20 000cpm!

Luckily the decay rate is short and I never detect any residual radiation in the wipes after a day or so. That's what is saving us from being cooked well done.

I've noticed that the worse the storm, the more extreme the weather, the higher the counts, leading me to think that this is done on purpose:

From the reasearch I did, Radon is a heavy gas that is 8 times as heavy as air, so it hugs the ground, aprox. 100 meters or less is where it tends to collect. So if this is ground Radon why does the levels increase if it rains all day?
Wouldn't it wash out of the air after 15 minutes or so and then the levels should drop?
(My area is not known for Radon collecting in basements).

I matched the highest counts with days where the storm clouds were the tallest in the troposphere. This is much too high for Radon to collect.
Is it being pumped there on purpose? Would Radon daughters charge up and seed rain and snowflakes? Dunno?

Is it coming from space? Radon has a very short half life of 8 days, I don't think it would be floating around in space and stay radioactive for billions of years waiting for the earth's gravity to pick it up...

Could it be traveling from Fukushima via the jet stream? It doesn't make sense, as the Radon gas is 8 times as heavy as air.
Could it be traveling from Fukushima via ground winds? Maybe?
Could it be Radon coming from the tailings from the Uranium mines and washing out by the rain? At these levels? Yikes we need to shut down all the mines and cover up the tailings quick!

Has anyone any insight on this? I know what I'm measuring it's real, it's no trick and the radioactivity falling in my area is real... The question is where is it from?

Thanks for your time!


As the guy says ...has anyone any idea what/where this is from?

0 Spidergoats Finally Mainstream Again, After Vanishing From News For 11 Years.

'Making science-fiction a reality': Bulletproof human skin made from spider silk and goat milk developed by researchers


Researchers genetically engineered goats to produce milk packed with the same protein as silk spider

The protein is then milked out and spun and weaved into a material ten times stronger than steel

It might look like a poorly drawn picture of an alien, but this is actually one of the most advanced types of skin ever made - that can even stop bullets.
Researchers genetically engineered goats to produce milk which is packed with the same protein as silk spiders.
Once this is milked out it can be spun out and weaved into a material that is ten times stronger than steel.
The fabric can then be blended with human skin to make what the scientists hope will be tough enough to stop even a bullet.

Dutch researcher Jalila Essaidi said the 'spidersilk' project was called '2.6g 329m/s' after the weight and the velocity of a .22 calibre long rifle bullet.
Working with the Forensic Genomics Consortium in the Netherlands, she said the goal was to replace the keratin in our skin with the spider’s silk.
The first stage involves growing a layer of real skin around a sample of the bulletproof skin, which takes about five weeks.
A video posted by the researchers on YouTube shows a bullet then being fired into the mixture of the two.

Original BBC NEWS Article 21 August, 2000

0 Egypt to try Jordanian, Israeli for spying

Egypt's chief prosecutor has ordered a Jordanian and an Israeli to be tried at a state security court on charges of spying for Israel, according to Egyptian security sources and media.

(Reuters) - Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper said the two men entered Egypt after the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak on February 11, allegedly with the aim of intercepting international calls and re-routing them to enable Israel's Mossad security agency to monitor them in a way that endangers Egyptian national security.
Bashar Ibrahim Abu Zeid
It said the first suspect, identified as Jordanian communications engineer Bashar Ibrahim Abu Zeid, was arrested in March, while the second, an Israeli identified as Ofir Herari, had fled the country and was being tried in absentia.
Al-Masry Al-Youm said Abu Zeid was also charged with collecting data on some employees working in the telecommunications sector with the aim of recruiting candidates to work for the Mossad.
No date has yet been set for the trial.
Egypt in June arrested an Israeli man suspected of spying and recruiting agents to destabilise the Arab world's most populous country and sow strife after Mubarak's ouster.
Egypt in 1979 became the first Arab country to forge a peace treaty with Israel, but relations remain cool.
(Writing by Sami Aboudi; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

0 Strange "Cloverfield" type sounds in Ukraine over the last 12 months.

The following videos all feature the same strange sound, they are all from around Kiev Ukraine as far as I can tell.

English translations of original Ukrainian video description accompany each one 
(so may be a little sketchy but should be understandable):

Strange Sound At Night (translation)

These sounds have forced me to sleep with music constantly. T and they are very loud and bass under them impossible to sleep. I hear them more than a year every night and morning. sometimes they harden and become louder. From there, heard screams, strange cosmic sounds, sounds raskrychivayuscheysya funnel, metal in general listen to yourself. But Take at full volume. The laptop will not show the full picture. You have to listen to conventional speakers.

Strange Sound Kiev,Ukraine 

Video Posted: August 3rd 2011 (from different Ukrainian poster)
Record is made by my friend. Her channel:
Supervision time - about 17 o'clock (5 p.m.) Kiev time, (Kiev, Ukraine). Sound intensity was very strong, even windows shivered in buildings . If you can 100 % say, that this is civil work, please prove, we would like to hear exactly this answer, coz if it is not, then this is very scary, and bible prophecy is coming the truth (Archangel's horn).
"It was recorded on 5 floor of building. Civil work are really spent in several the next houses, and it is audible on video. But these civil work - as if mosquito peep in this awful rumble. Neither force, nor power of a building sound doesn't come within miles that was audible. Turn on your sound dynamics to a maximum, and you will hear almost the same effect which was when I heard it in live."
This video was recorded using videocamera, but first minutes of the video the lens cover is closed to recording sound. Also, look at the clouds on the end of this video.

Strange Sound in Kiev Again 11/11/11 

Last Video Posted: 11th August 2011 (different poster again)
I have no words. If you have something to say - tell me!I don't have words anymore. If you have to say something, please, say it!
p.s. To clarify, the area recording Osokorki,Prince's Street's Creek, Dr. 17.!
p.s. AUTHOR VIDEO WRITES: "Close (several kilometers) hinged bridge no. Large metal gates also like nowhere. Construction cranes are not. Construction sites are, but there is manual work is carried out, today I walked all the building on purpose."
p.p.s. Here's proof that it is not construction, exactly the same sound, recorded in June
Since we do not love to read any commentary other than its going to enter comments here a video and witnesses.
The author's comments in the discussion below:1), video, and sound - the real thing. Sounds first appeared two weeks ago, but were not as powerful and lasting. All options - such as cranes, construction sites, asfaltoukladochnye rollers, etc. - Are considered. One question remains - why all this was not before? We live here (in Osokorki) 2 years, a number of buildings have been decent, but nothing like this power has never heard of. Then write that I had run out into the street. But it is almost impossible, in the first place, I have two small children, and secondly, until you have collected, and children gather - already do not have time to take off, because sounds appear suddenly, last from a few minutes intermittently.
Comments witnesses in the discussion below:1) I can see my balcony (: The girl went out to smoke, heard the sounds of hell-podofigeli.Ryadom thieves built a school, say-Yanyk should come to the opening of the builders out there now accelerated pace something himichat, the sound went out.2) The numbers on July 20th, too, heard this on Holosievo. More than that - just felt, as the sound was so powerful that it has laid his ears and started shaking as much. Feeling as though you from under my feet like a huge rug pulled out asphalt)By the way, no construction work in the area was conducted.3) I live in Kharkov and I also nyuchyu this garbage was. it is scary. very4) Now somewhere in the morning wrote that we have a water area of ​​eerie sound goes ... not lazy, went air-CHP pulls, but not so loud! There is no comparison! Here it is powerful surround .... Class!5) We are in the morning of Thursday 11 (5-6 am) on Borshchagovka also heard strange noises, sleep was impossible, because the creepy6) What nafig dam?)) If there was a dam, would have heard the sounds and Troyeschina, Voskresenka, Obolon and Hem. And it was not. Oh, these Zetas.7) B **, and already there are videos on YouTube! This Osokorki, I live in a three minute walk from the place where the shot when he heard this sound th e * remembered the film "Cloverfield" ("Cloverfield"), a little in my pants is not imposed. Obviously by the way lasted longer than 11 minutes.

UPDATE:16th Aug 2011

After a little looking into this it seems the same strange sound (or very similar) has also been heard in the US on multiple occasions,
 A Couple Are Detailed Below:

Strange Sound In Sky Florida

Video Posted: March 28th 2011
This is not the sound of was not raining. I've heard this sound before up in PA but this time here in Florida, it was louder and longer. There is also a strange flashing in that one spot. I moved the camera around and every time I went back to that one spot there was that flashing. I've heard this strange sound has been being reported all over the world now.

Florida March, 2011-EERIE SOUND From Sky! 20min 

Video Posted: March 20th 2011
Strange sound coming out of the sky in Florida for over 20 minutes. The authors of this video believe the sound is an inbound tornado which of course turns out to be false. The following is an excerpt from the description on the authors homepage"
See: for full description.

I personally at this point am still none the wiser, although I did learn that there is apparently a natural phenomenon called "The Hum", but I'm not convinced it's the same thing, because by all accounts it's near impossible to catch on tape...