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0 Gaddafi Will Try to Sell Libya's Gold - Bank Official

Muammar Gaddafi will try to sell part of Libya's gold reserves to pay for his protection and sow chaos among tribes in the north African country, said his former central bank governor Farhat Bengdara.

Bengdara, who has allied himself with the Libyan rebels, told the Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, that an ally of Gaddafi had offered 25 tonnes of gold to his friend "a little time ago".
"My friend referred it to me and I suggested that he refuse and my friend immediately rejected the approach. But it is a clear indication," Bengdara said in the interview published on Thursday. He said his friend was not Libyan but gave no further details.
There are gold reserves worth $10 billion in Tripoli and Gaddafi could have taken some of that amount, he said.
Bengdara said he believed that Gaddafi had fled Tripoli and could be heading towards the Algerian border.
"Now he is looking to pay and corrupt some tribes and some militia to have protection and to create further chaos," he said.
The former central bank governor, who is a director of Italian bank UniCredit , said Libya needed $5-$7 billion as a bridging loan to get the banking system restarted and to pay for imports.
"We don't need donors. Libya is a rich country. The state activities from the Libyan Investment Authority, the central bank and gold reserves are worth $168 billion. But it is all frozen," Bengdara said.
It will take months and a U.N. Security Council resolution before these sums are freed up, he said.

If you read between the lines....Gaddafi has never been the "Real" target of the UN's Tripoli Invasion...the real target is square...shiney...and yellow.

0 Perfect Storm for Northeast? "This may be the worst weather you've seen"

The Weather Channel--August 24, 2011
A warning for my friends in the Northeast. Severe Weather Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes, says Irene's Sunday arrival in the Northeast could bring the worst weather that many have ever seen. Unfortunately, this comes after Thursday's severe threat from North Carolina to western Maine.
                                                               MAKE THE PLEDGE

0 Mass Casualty Evacuation Transport Unit - Governments prepping for something...

From Video Description:
"As a member jurisdiction of the Hampton roads Metropolitan Medical Response System (HRMMRS), the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety is working in cooperation with the York County School Division and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, and other localities in Hampton Roads to develop a much needed capacity to transport large numbers of mild to moderately ill or injured patients. Known as a Mass Casualty/Evacuation Transport Unit, these vehicles are converted, donated school/transit buses designed to transport patients during mass casualty incidents or during situations where large numbers of non-ambulatory patients need to be evacuated due to severe weather, terrorist incidents, or other such catastrophic events."

Designed for:
terrorist acts using WMD/CBRNE
epidemic disease outbreaks
natural disasters
hazardous materials incidents - Ultimate prepper book for all occasions

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0 Al-Quds Day demonstration in London

Hundreds of British nationals, including Muslims, civil and anti-war activists, and anti-Zionist Jews have taken part in the annual Al-Quds Day demonstration in London.
The demonstrators gathered at Portland Place, outside BBC Radio theatre, to protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Afterwards, demonstrators marched through central London to Trafalgar Square where they listened to speeches addressing the Palestinian issue.

Demonstrators carried Palestinian and Hezbollah flags and various anti-Zionist placards reading “Zionism is racism”, “freedom for Palestine”, “end occupation”, “end the killing”, “end the Israeli Apartheid”, “stop funding genocide”, “right vs. might”, “63 years of occupation must end”, “silence is complicity” and “boycott Israel”.

Moreover, the Pro-Palestinian demonstrators chanted: “we are all Hezbollah”, “end the occupation now”, “Zionism terrorism”, “we are all Palestinians”.

Al-Quds Day demonstrations are usually held on Saturday or Sunday in Britain because Friday is not the official weekend holiday in Britain.

Chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, Masoud Shajareh, who organizes Al-Quds Day demonstrations in London, said that Al-Quds Day is the international day of protesting against oppression.

Shajareh stated that Al-Quds Day is an appropriate opportunity for all human rights and pro-Palestinian activists to protest against the brutality of the Israeli regime calling for an end to 63 years of occupation which has inflicted irreparable damage upon the Palestinian nation.

Furthermore, he said that organizing these demonstrations in Britain during the past decades has raised public awareness with regard to the realities of the Palestinian issue.

Shajareh asserted that numerous organizations and institutes have expressed their support for the Al-Quds demonstration this year including anti-war and civil organizations, and anti-Zionist Jews.

Stop the War Coalition, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, anti-Zionist Jews, the Islamic Society of Britain, Friends of Al Aqsa, the Palestinian Return Centre, and Islamic Assembly of Ahl-e Beit supported the Al-Quds Day demonstration in London.

Meanwhile, there was a small counter demonstration by the members of the anti-Islam group, English Defence League, who were angry at being disallowed to display their St. Georges cross flags.