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0 A team of researchers has demonstrated how passwords in iPhones and iPads can be retrieved from a stolen or lost device in only six minutes, even if it is locked.

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Screenshot of Proof of Concept approach with truncated Output of revealed Password

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) test laboratory in Germany have shown how someone who steals or finds an or iPad can use existing to “jailbreak” the device and gain access to the command shell. A secure shell (SSH) server can then be installed to enable them to run their own software on the device. Both procedures can be carried out even if the device is locked.
The attackers can then upload a script to the device to use the device’s own tools to give them access to the keychain, which is Apple’s password management system. The keychain entries can then be downloaded to the attacker’s computer.
The attack is successful because in the current operating system in “i” devices (iOS) large parts of the file system are accessible even if the device is locked, and the cryptographic key is not protected by the passcode. 

The demonstration showed the researchers were able to retrieve in the keychain but not in other protection classes. They were able to access and decrypt passwords for Google Mail (as an MS Exchange account), voicemail, virtual private network (VPN), WiFi, some Apps, various MS Exchange accounts and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) accounts.
The researchers said with the SIM card removed from the device they could also access email passwords and access codes for corporate WLANs and VPNs. Having access to email passwords gives the attacker even more passwords since many passwords are reset simply by requesting a reset and providing the email address.

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The researchers recommended that anyone who loses an iOS device or has it stolen should immediately change all their passwords for all accounts, even those not stored in the iPhone or iPad. They also warned that similar or identical passwords to those the attackers might access on the device are especially vulnerable to hacking. They said that encryption is no protection because the encryption relies on the secret information that would be revealed by the attack. The attack is easy to conceal, and this means that devices left unattended even for just a few minutes could be vulnerable.

Credit: research paper (see link below)
More information: http://www.sit.fra … 02-80443.pdf

0 Western Media Blatantly Propagandise Iran's 32nd Anniversary of Islamic Rule.

TEHRAN (AFP) – Hundreds of thousands of Iranians, chanting slogans supporting the Arab uprisings and denouncing the United States, marched towards a Tehran square Friday to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic revolution which toppled the shah.

Men, women and children, braving the cold and cloudy weather, were seen marching from several parts of Tehran towards Azadi Square (Freedom Square) where President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is due to address them.
Millions of Iranians gather at Azadi (Freedom) Square to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution
"Egyptians, Tunisians, your uprisings are just and we are with you," the crowds were heard chanting as they arrived at the square.
State television, which telecast the crowds live, said this year the government-organised rally would show solidarity with uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, with crowds shouting: "Hosni Mubarak, 'mubarak' (congratulations) on the uprising of your people."
Similar marches were taking place in provincial cities to mark the anniversary, a yearly rallying point for the Islamic regime.
The 1979 revolution toppled the monarchy of shah Mohammad Reza, a key US ally in the region. Diplomatic relations between Tehran and Washington were broken off soon after and remain so to this day.
"Death to America! Death to Israel!" chanted the crowd as they carried Iranian flags, banners and posters of Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who led the uprising against the shah, and of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the nation's supreme leader.

The report continues the propaganda thick and fast by switching directly from the "Death to America!!" crowd, to statements from Ahmadinejad (taken out of context) talking about the "Financial implosion and demise of the United States and the West".
In effect, if read in this would seem like Iran plans an attack on the US, it also completely masks his verbal attack on Israel...and his call of support to Gaza and the Palestinian people.
Since and before 1979 and under 32 years of "Islamic rule" Iran has not invaded anyone....
Unlike the US of Israel....erm...A, who in the last 32 years have invaded DOZENS of countries...majority of the time "illegally"
keeping the above in mind....
the report continues....
Late on Thursday, Ahmadinejad set the tone for his speech on Friday by hitting out at Western powers and Israel.
"The bullying and arrogant powers are on the verge of doom," state news agency IRNA quoted him as saying at a diplomatic reception he hosted to mark the anniversary.
Referring to the US military presence on Iran's borders in both Afghanistan and Iraq as well as in the Gulf, Ahmadinejad said: "The bases of bullying powers around the world will be eradicated, and occupations around the world and the region will soon come to an end."
He said the increasing "participation of people in managing the world will lead to Zionists giving up their territories to Palestinians."
In a separate report on state television's website Ahmadinejad, referring to the Arab uprisings, said: "The message of the Islamic republic in past 32 years has been heard by the world and its mind has awakened."
"The oceans of pure hearts have reached a boiling point and, God willing, it will wash all the pollution and dirt from human societies."
The European Union is boycotting events marking the anniversary in protest at the hanging of Zahra Bahrami, an Iranian-Dutch woman executed by Tehran for drug smuggling.
"All EU members will boycott various events related to the Iranian national holiday Thursday and Friday in Tehran, Brussels and Geneva," a diplomatic source told AFP.
The boycott, agreed by the political and security committee of the European Union on February 4 was "in protest of the execution of Ms. Zahra Bahrami" who was hanged on January 29, the source said.
The Netherlands has condemned the hanging of Bahrami, who was initially arrested during mass protests over Ahmadinejad's disputed 2009 re-election, which sparked a deadly crackdown, but executed on drug smuggling charges.
Her execution prompted the Dutch government to freeze all diplomatic contact with what it labelled a "barbarous regime" in Iran.
During last year's anniversary rally, Iran's opposition had attempted to stage anti-government demonstrations which were crushed by security forces and the Basij militiamen.
Since then the opposition supporters have stayed off Tehran streets but their leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi have sought to hold a rally on Monday in support of Arab uprisings in the region.
But critics say their plan is to garner their supporters and attempt to stage an anti-government demonstrations.
Iran's elite military force, the Revolutionary Guards, have warned against holding the rally, while the family and relatives of Karroubi have reportedly been barred from meeting the cleric at his home.

They also throw in the story about TWICE convicted drug smuggler "Zahra Bahrami" to further try and muddy their stinking agenda of Iran bashing, 
police had uncovered 450 grams (16 oz) of cocaine and 420 grams (15 oz) of opium in a search of her house...Bahrami had been previously caught at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport with almost 16 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage, for which she was sentenced by a Dutch court to 3 years imprisonment in 2003, and she had also been convicted of forging passports in 2007.
Iran do not take MAJOR Drug Smuggling as lightly as we do here... they also CASTRATE paedophiles...we send them back into the community,
Funnily enough nobody is up in arms protesting the "barbarous regime" for that.

Who are we to attack anyone's laws anyway? have we EVER been in a position to say we are better than anyone else??

0 10 New Illegal Drilling projects in Gulf of Mexico approved by Department of Interior

WASHINGTON -- The Interior Department has approved 10 oil and gas exploration projects in the Gulf of Mexico since October, in violation of two laws that protect whales and other marine mammals, environmental groups said Thursday.

The Interior Department has approved 10 oil and gas exploration projects in the Gulf of Mexico since October, in violation of two laws that protect whales and other marine mammals, environmental groups said Thursday.
The projects were approved without the permits required by the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act, said the Center for Biological Diversity, the Gulf Restoration Network, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club, writing in a formal notice of their intent to sue the government.
"Even after the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, the feds are still violating the laws intended to protect the Gulf's wildlife in their rush to approve offshore oil activities," Miyoko Sakashita, Center for Biological Diversity's oceans director, said in a news release.
Interior Department spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff said officials wouldn't comment.
The environmental groups said the seismic testing that oil companies use to search for oil can cause hearing loss in marine mammals, drive them away from feeding grounds and disturb their breeding.

The Gulf of Mexico is home to endangered sperm whales. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has said sperm whales are the only endangered whales commonly found there, but the environmental groups said in their letter that five other whale species listed as endangered under the law also inhabit the Gulf.
"It is intolerable to think that the same species threatened by the Gulf spill will have to contend with the industry's constant pounding, without any serious attempt to mitigate the harm," Natural Resources Defense Council senior policy analyst Michael Jasny said.
The groups' letter also charges that the government violated the Endangered Species Act by failing to account adequately for the impact of an oil spill, and of the noise from oil exploration and production, when it created a five-year oil-and gas-leasing program for 2007-2012 in the central and western Gulf of Mexico.
The groups said their suit would be filed against the Department of Interior; the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement; the National Marine Fisheries Service; the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and the Department of Commerce.
Read more:

0 Video – Car Bomb Explosion In Iraq Caught On Camera

Moment of Iraq explosion caught on video as bombs target police in Kirkuk – Russia Today Youtube Channel:
A spate of car bombs in northern Iraq have killed at least 7 people and wounded some 80 others. One of the attacks which happened in the country’s northern city of Kirkuk was captured on camera. Two car bombs were aimed at police patrols while a third device exploded outside a building that houses the Kurdish security forces. No group has so far claimed responsibility.

0 Patriot Act falls at first hurdle

The first leg of a process to renew the controversial US Patriot Act failed in the House of Representatives here in Washington DC on Tuesday night.

A required two-thirds majority was not achieved on the floor of the chamber.
The bill is likely to be reintroduced on another occasion but it is a blow to the new Republican leadership in the US House.
During the debate the arguments for and against were vigorous. This from Republican Congressman Lamar Smith from Texas: "The Patriot Act works - it has proved effective in preventing terrorist attacks and protecting Americans.  To let these provisions expire would leave every American less safe."
And this from Republican congressman James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin: "The terrorist threat has not subsided and will not expire and neither should our national security laws."
It had been assumed the House would easily signal approval for the security agencies to go on accessing without court permission the business, financial, phone and email records of anyone suspected of links with terrorist groups.
Foreign individuals and entities are the main target but the act can affect the privacy of all Americans.
Lone Wolves
The so-called Lone Wolves who operate outside known terror organisations are also targeted in the bill.
The Patriot Act - originally signed into law by president George Bush immediately after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington - has traditionally been criticised by liberals and libertarians who fear it's powers rob Americans of rights guaranteed them under the US constitution.
Dennis Kucinich, the Democratic congressman from Ohio, appealed to the House: "What's happening in our country?  Why are we giving up our freedoms? We need to take a stand here and today's as good as any."
While Republican congressman Ron Paul from Texas said : "We should really question why we're extending this?  We're extending the worst parts! Why were they sunsetted? Because people had concerns about them?"
Enough Republicans clearly expressed second thoughts to thwart the bill in the House on the grounds the Patriot Act is too invasive and represents "big government" to which they are opposed.
However, time is running out to extend these three key provisions, they "sunset" - or cease to become law - at the end of the month.

The issue has yet to move to the upper house the senate, where it is known there are two proposals that would extend the Act till the end of 2013 - something the White House says it favours - a position that has drawn the ire of civil-liberties campaigners.

0 Got a Confession to Make? There’s an App for That!

iSinned. iLied. iCoveted.
Don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

Catholics with a guilty conscience no longer need to find a priest to unburden their souls. They just need to whip out their iPhones. Confession: A Roman Catholic App, bills itself as “the perfect aid for every penitent.” Sanctioned by the Catholic Church in the United States, the application guides users through the sacrament and promises “a personalized examination of conscience for each user,” according to its description on Worried about the secrecy of your sinning? Don’t be. The app comes with “password-protected profiles.” Other highlights: “ability to add sins not listed in standard examination of conscience” and “choose from seven different acts of contrition.”

The app’s developers say they were inspired by Pope Benedict XVI’s World Communication Day address last year, in which he called on priests to embrace digital communication.
Unfortunately, the app can’t grant absolution. Catholics still have to see a priest for that. For now, anyway. 
UPDATE 10/02/2011:
All you technology friendly sinners will now have to wait...

Vatican Bans Confession Via iPhone App

0 Have Crop Circle designs been warning of a coming "Polar Shift"?

 Yogyakarta. Hundreds of curious visitors have flocked to a small rice field in Yogyakarta to witness what could be Indonesia’s first documented crop circle

Ngadiran, one of six farmers who owns the land in Sleman district where the crop circle, measuring 70 meters in diameter, was found on Sunday afternoon, told the Jakarta Globe on Monday that he had not seen what had caused the distinctive pattern but others may have. 
“According to several residents, they saw a tornado on Saturday evening,” he said. 
“On Sunday afternoon, we saw the design in our fields.” He would not say if he believed that an unidentified flying object was behind the crop circle, which contains a number of symbols. 
The farmers have fenced off the area to prevent their fields from being trampled by sightseers, while police have cordoned off the area. 
The latter have declined to speculate on how the circle was made. 

The villagers of Salman, Jakarta,Indonesia woke up on Sunday January 23 with something very strange in their backyard: for the first time, a Crop Circle appeared in a rice field. The message: The Magnetosphere is ready....

0 Freed young leader energizes Egyptian protests

CAIRO (AP) - A young leader of Egypt's anti-government protesters, newly released from detention, joined a massive crowd of hundreds of thousands in Cairo's Tahrir Square for the first time Tuesday, greeted by cheers, whistling and thunderous applause when he declared: "We will not abandon our demand and that is the departure of the regime."
Many in the crowd said they were inspired by Wael Ghonim, the 30-year-old Google Inc. marketing manager who was a key organizer of the online campaign that sparked the first protest on Jan. 25 to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. Straight from his release from 12 days of detention, Ghonim gave an emotionally charged television interview Monday night where he sobbed over those who have been killed in two weeks of clashes.
Egyptian Wael Ghonim, a Google Inc. marketing manager, talks at his home in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Feb.7, 2011. A Google manager held in Egypt for about 10 days over anti-government protests was freed Monday. 
He spoke softly and briefly to the huge crowd from a stage, starting by offering his condolences to the families of those killed.
"I'm not a hero but those who were martyred are the heroes," he said, then breaking into a chant of "Mubarak leave, leave."
When he finished speaking, the crowd erupted in cheering, whistling and deafening applause.
In his first television interview Monday night, Ghonim dubbed the protests "the revolution of the youth of the Internet" and proclaimed defiantly: "We are not traitors."
He arrived in the square when it was packed shoulder-to-shoulder, a crowd comparable in size to the biggest demonstration so far that drew a quarter-million people.
The turnout gave a resounding answer to the question of whether the protesters still have momentum even though two weeks of steadfast pressure have not achieved their goal of ousting Mubarak.
"The (Wael) interview showed a face of the truth which the state media tried to cover up for so long," said retired Army General Essam Salem. "Many people are coming because they saw the truth."
Fifi Shawqi, a 33-year-old upper-class housewife who came with her three daughters and her sister to the Tahrir protest for the first time, said Ghonim inspired her.
"I saw Wael yesterday (in the interview) and I cried. I felt like he is my son and all the youth here are my sons," she said. "I think Wael brought many, many more."
Others in the crowd said they too were joining for the first time.
"I know many people who came here for the first time after they were impressed by Wael and the pictures of the martyrs," said Iman Ibrahim, a 40-year-old, upper-class housewife.
Ghonim has emerged as a rallying point for protesters, who reject a group of traditional Egyptian opposition groups that have met with the government amid the most sweeping concessions the regime has made in its three decades in power.
The protesters are insisting that no concessions will do unless Mubarak steps down.

0 Woman who was censored on Alex Jones ID'd?! MORE IMPORTANTLY- the document in question

Very interesting stuff

here's a link to the mirror of the doc in question


0 Dramatic drop in amount of heroin in UK, Following British troops leaving Sangin province, where the opium is located.

There has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of heroin in the UK, BBC News has learned.
The Serious Organised Crime Agency claimed the drop was due to supply routes being cut off and said the street price of the drug had doubled.
Europe's biggest drug testing company, Concateno, said the number of addicts testing positively for heroin had halved in the past six months.
However, it warned that suppliers were diluting heroin with other drugs.
If heroin purity returned to normal levels, addicts would face an increased risk of overdose.
There are an estimated 300,000 users of heroin, which comes mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the UK.
Concateno takes swabs from anyone on a court testing order or in drug treatment for heroin.
Its figures show positive tests occurring in up to 48% of cases over recent years, but last December the rate fell to 22%.
The suggestion of an interruption in the supply is backed up by police reports of shortages in several places in the UK. 
Officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) point to both the efforts of law enforcement agencies and environmental factors such as the floods in Pakistan.
And they say exaggerated perceptions among traffickers of a poppy blight may have led dealers to hold their supplies back and create higher prices on the street.
Relationships between Soca and the Turkish police are also said to be strengthening, leading to pressure on what has been a key supply route.
The drug is now said to command £40,000 a kilo - double the price of last year. 

UK troops pulled out of Sangin province (the main heroin growing area) in September 2010, and prior to this there was no sight of a UK shortage of heroin....
read more:UK troops leave Helmands Sangin BBC News

0 All games on Facebook have to accept credits by July

Every social game developer on Facebook will have to offer the social network’s virtual currency credits by 1 July as the scheme comes out of beta.

Over the next five months developers will have to implement credits as a payment method within their games.
Facebook is not insisting that it will be the only payment method but is giving incentives to those developers that use it exclusively, such as early access to product features and premium promotion on the site, including promotion on the games dashboard and premium ad targeting.

Deb Liu, platform marketing manager at Facebook, says on the Facebook Developer blog: “Over the next five months we will work closely with developers to get on board those that are not yet using Facebook Credits, collect feedback to improve the product, continue to innovate on the user experience, and help developers grow their revenue on Facebook.”
He adds: “We’re excited to give Facebook users the confidence that when they purchase Facebook Credits or receive them as a gift, they can spend them in any game on Facebook.”
For the past six months Facebook has been working with more than 150 developers, such as CrowdStar, Digital Chocolate, Playfish and Zynga, to test Credits in more than 350 games. It said it already accounts for 70% of the virtual goods transactions on the site.

This story first appeared on

0 Facebook Is Designed To Save Your Details Even After You Delete An Account

Having been pretty active "Truth Sharing" on Facebook for the last few years, I suddenly had what could be described as an epiphany...or a Doh! moment depending what way you look at it.

During those "few years" mainly though visiting pages relating to anything from Chemtrails to Vaccination, I knocked up a very impressive total of 250+ "Alternative Friends"(but this is smallfry compared to some who literally have 1000's )...not because I requested, knew them, or would ever meet them, but because they all shared a common interest.. "Alternative News and Truth"...(though some just had really exotic catchy names that were hard not to accept..;o) )
A typical day would see me post  few breaking alternative news articles on my wall, add a few "likes" to others that were doing the same..maybe a comment here and there, this is when I started to see how pointless and lazy what I was doing actually was. I wasn't "Truth Sharing" I was basically cutting and pasting links...who knows if they or anyone ever read past the first few sentences of the articles? be honest it got to the point were I didn't read more than a few lines myself.
Then it suddenly hit me...
1) Where was all this Information actually going?

2) Did what I was doing actually benefit anyone I was sharing it with? seeing as most were what could be described as "Awake" already they had no doubt seen it all already...and there was no way to know if all my "actual friends & family" which only numbered around 30 and who could be described as "partially asleep"  hadn't just got fed up with all my "Conspiracy Theories" and blocked my wall posts.

After much digging I came to the following conclusions...
1) All the Information ..EVERYTHING you have EVER SENT, Wallposts, Links, Messages, Photo's & Video, has been saved, databased & profiled by Facebook, even on deactivated accounts your account needs to be permanently deleted to actually delete any of your personal information, even then it's not clear if its really gone...or you are just prevented from accessing it.
This is NOT a "Conspiracy Theory" there is a relatively little known feature in "account settings" try it yourself,
Go to your "Account settings"...second from bottom you will see the following,
click for larger size
Click learn more.(you will not change anything it's just an explanation)
 you will then be faced with the following explains itself, and is a bit of an eye opener.

click for larger size

2) In it didn't, all it did was keep that information "compartmentalised" and flowing within a relatively
small number of the same people, it very rarely opened any new eyes, as also the format for sharing "in my opinion" is not detailed/eye catching enough for people with short attention spans, which in a way was exactly the  kind of people I had been trying to reach and inform.

As it became apparent to me that Facebook was not a very good tool for "Alternative news/Information sharing", I decided to close my account...or thought I had.
I at this point was confronted with a message telling me that:
"I only need to log in again to reactivate my account and information, unless I permanently delete it "
any button or link to "permanently delete" was absent...
I had to actually google "Permanently Delete Facebook" to get any information about it, lucky that search provided a link and instructions, which I then quickly followed..
only to receive the message that it will still take 7-14 days to delete the account.
7- 14 DAYS!!...why??
what exactly is being done with my information that takes that long??.
I deleted a YouTube account with over 100 uploaded videos on it and that took seconds to delete...
why would this be different?? .
It's amazing to me that the way my information was being handled ONLY became apparent when I was trying close my account,

0 E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP

E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP ( 

The world's leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile, Weather Central's highly accurate and personalized forecasting offers businesses and consumers a truly unique suite of science-driven weather information products. The company will continue to operate under CEO and founder, Terry Kelly, as well as current management. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. 
Lynn Forester de Rothschild CEO, E.L. Rothschild LLC
Founded in 1974, Weather Central is a global provider of professional on‐air, online, print, mobile, and enterprise weather solutions and forecasting. With 180 employees, including 70 meteorologists, Weather Central provides dynamic weather graphic systems, proprietary forecast models, and dedication to high-quality customer service. Weather Central has secured a leading 46% market share of North America's weather information delivery market for broadcast and media delivering content to hundreds of millions of viewers. It is the largest provider of broadcast and interactive web weather solutions for media companies in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Weather Central has more than 400 broadcast television clients in 21 countries worldwide. It provides weather forecasts to millions of users daily by distributing real-time personalized forecasts, interactive maps, and storm warnings based on each user's exact address.
Well-known for its advanced technologies, the company pioneered weather computer graphics systems worldwide and continues to innovate, recently releasing the industry's first 1km high-resolution forecast data set available on-air, online, and for mobile devices. Weather Central has used its hallmark scientific approach to secure customers that include network-owned and operated television stations, independent television stations, newspapers, websites, and individual businesses and consumers. From its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin and its regional offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Berlin, the company's systems provide weather to hundreds of millions of viewers through customer installations worldwide, including those in the U.K., Canada, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries. Weather Central is also the primary provider of weather technology and delivery to broadcast stations in China.
Lynn de Rothschild shares a laugh with Hillary Clinton
Beyond its core North American and international media operations, Weather Central is also expanding its business for the enterprise, consumer, and mobile markets. The company's offerings for the B2B segment include precise weather products and solutions for a broad base of customers, including insurance, commodities and energy companies, hedge funds, and governments. Weather Central has also developed an extensive suite of consumer-facing digital products that will launch across online and mobile platforms as part of the company's MyWeather® brand in the next few months.
CEO of E.L. Rothschild LLC, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, commented on the acquisition, saying: “Weather Central is a world-class company that is number one in its category, with a history of success, a talented team, and a very bright future. Their products, which are the world's most precise for broadcast, online and mobile forecasting, allow companies and individuals unparalleled insights. Whether designed for an insurance company wanting to alert its customers of an impending hailstorm, a hedge fund trying to monitor agricultural commodities, or a consumer planning a vacation, no one has better information than Weather Central. At E.L. Rothschild, we will use our resources, business experience, and industry insights to build upon Weather Central's current success, and to develop the company's escalating international profile in markets like Latin America and India. We will also be focused on enhancing Weather Central's position as a digital leader in the consumer space.”
Chairman of E.L. Rothschild LLC, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, added: “As a family, the Rothschilds have always been dedicated to the utmost quality of our products and services. With respect to our investments, we focus on entering into long-term partnerships with people who share our values. As weather becomes more extreme around the planet, with greater human and financial ramifications, we believe that Weather Central will play a major role in mitigating damage and improving lives. This is important to the Rothschilds, as it is to Weather Central. We are proud of our new partnership with them."
Terry Kelly, Weather Central's founder and CEO, stated: “Much has changed since we launched Weather Central more than 35 years ago, but our core passion for innovation, customer service, excellence, and vision is stronger than ever. The world today is facing major weather shifts due to climate change, and with an increasingly mobile population, the ability for consumers to obtain highly accurate and personalized information about the weather is more important than ever. With our scientific knowledge and technological edge, we've established a business that is top-ranked in the broadcast market. With E.L. Rothschild, the sky is the limit for Weather Central as we look to expand our success internationally and prepare to launch exciting new digital offerings for consumers.”

E.L. Rothschild LLC is a privately funded family investment company, which was established in 2003 by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild to oversee a variety of the Rothschilds' global investments. The principals have extensive experience investing in and operating businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, India and South America. E.L. Rothschild LLC employs the strategy of taking a long-term view toward partnership and value creation. The company currently has interests in media, real estate, agriculture and luxury goods, with significant previous positions in financial services, technology and communications.

Weather Central, LP was founded in 1974 by Terry Kelly. The company today has an outstanding team of meteorologists, scientists, industry specialists, and creative staff. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the company is a leading provider of professional on-air, online, print, mobile, and enterprise weather solutions and forecasting in North America and to major customers worldwide. Utilizing the company's dynamic weather graphics, proprietary precise forecast models and data, and patented technology, more than 1,000 partners and hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide benefit from Weather Central's attention to superb weather presentation, forecast accuracy and personalization, and continuous customer support.

0 35 zoo animals freeze to death in northern Mexico

Thirty-five animals at a zoo in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua have frozen to death during the region's coldest weather in six decades.
Serengeti Zoo owner Alberto Hernandez says 14 parrots, 13 serpents, five iguanas, two crocodiles and a capuchin monkey died. He said Saturday that power failures cut off electrical heating at the zoo in the town of Aldama.
Temperatures have dropped to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 13 Celsius) in the area, the coldest weather in 60 years.
Power outages have affected much of northern Mexico, forcing factories and businesses to close. Dozens of people are in shelters. Schools have been closed in Chihuahua state but are expected to open Tuesday as the weather warms.

0 U.S company Narus Helped Mubarak Shut Down Internet