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0 Cordless phones: the unspoken hazard at home and at work

You will be unaware of what they do, but if you have one, read the following carefully. Many people will be equally unaware of neighbours using DECT (Digital Electronic Cordless Telephones)
Many people will be equally unaware of neighbours using DECT, whose pulses penetrate right through their walls. DECT comes with no guidance and no health warnings.

All modern (DECT) digital cordless phones emit the same type of pulsed microwave radiation (about 1.8 GHz) as ordinary (GSM) mobile phones. Emissions can be about 6 V/m within a metre of the base unit, for as long as it is plugged in. These base stations emit their radiation even when the phone is not in use. All DECT base units emit microwaves continuously 24 hours a day as long as they are plugged in. For this reason cordless phones are regarded as bad news. The latest Lennart Hardell paper on mobile phone use and brain tumours (× 3 for 5 years use and × 3 to 4 for 10 years use) also show a dose response increased brain cancer risk for long-term (over 5 years) regular cordless phone use. A DECT phone is a mobile phone, and its base is a mobile phone mast in your house or office. You must use one? Keep the base unit and remote extra handsets away from where you sit or sleep, and remember that you are transmitting into neighbouring property through your walls.
Unlike mobile phones, DECT cordless phones work at a fixed power. Mobiles turn their power down to the lowest level possible, so when you are near a base station this can be much lower than a DECT cordless. DECT pulses are far more aggressive than for mobiles. 

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