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0 The Queens visit Dublin- Irish flag banned under Public order offence

The powers that be have made the carrying of the Irish flag a Public order offence under section 21.I had earlier not consented to a search and was threatened with arrest under this act also.

There is nothing under this section in the "act" that supports the banning of the flag??.....perhaps she got confused, 
she may well have meant "section 7"
which states : 
 "Distribution or display in public place of material which is threatening, abusive, insulting or obscene."
section 7.(1) It shall be an offence for any person in a public place to distribute or display any writing, sign or visible representation which is threatening, abusive, insulting or obscene with intent to provoke a breach of the peace or being reckless as to whether a breach of the peace may be occasioned. 

Welcome to your 1984 themed reality!...

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