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0 UN Special Rapporteur on OPT urges Israel to protect the rights of Palestinian Children

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, has issued a report urging the Government of Israel to adopt guidelines for the protection of Palestinian children living under occupation.

According to Falk, “Many of the arrests of Palestinian children arise out of allegations of stone-throwing aimed at settlers or Israeli security personnel in the West Bank. Those accused, unlike Israeli children in the West Bank, are subject to Israeli military law, which offers far fewer protections for minors than are present in Israeli criminal law. Most relevantly, in military law there is an absence of protective provisions regarding the presence of a parent during interrogation, the hours that the interrogation must be conducted or respect for the dignity of the child during the arrest process.”
The report also highlights the issue of settler violence against Palestinians, including children, stating that "the failure by Israel to prevent and punish settler violence remains a serious and ongoing violation of its most fundamental obligation under international humanitarian law to protect a civilian population living under occupation, and to accord particular protection to children as specified in Protocol I, article 77."

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This is how Mr Falk, (funnily enough a "Jewish American") has been treated by Israel in recent years...

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