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0 Terrorists using Israeli bombs and explosive devices in Syria attacks

Armed groups fired rocket propelled grenades (RPGat three neighborhoods in centralprovince of Homskilling four peopleincluding two womenand injuring 20 othersSANA said,adding that another armed group on Thursday shelled the Palestinian Camp neighborhood inHoms with mortars.
Earlier in the daya colonel was killed by an armed group in front of his house in al-Wae'erarea in HomsAlsoa First Lieutenant from the army engineering units was killed when trying todismantle an explosive device which was remotely detonated in Khirbat Ghazala area insouthern Daraa provinceSANA said.
In a separate attackan armed group assassinated an industrialist at Sheikh Najjar IndustrialCity in northern Aleppo provinceSANA saidadding that the authorities are studying andanalyzing information to hunt down the killers.
Also on Thursdaya law-enforcement member was killed by the gunfire of an armed terroristgroup near HomsQuoting what it described as "a well-informed source," SANA said that thearmed group opened fire on the car of the law-enforcement forces while crossing the Shinsharbridge near Homs and killed a member of them.
Meanwhileengineering units dismantled two explosive devices in HomsSANA saidaddingthat each device was handmade and weighed 25 kg.
In Damascuscountryside and central province of Hamathe competent authorities continuedhunting down "armed groupsand managed to confiscate some weapons and ammunition,some of which were made by IsraelSANA said.
The seized weapons included machine gunsbombsIsraeli-made bombs and explosivedevicescommunication devicesbinoculars and night vision devices in addition to uniformssimilar to what the Arab observers wore during their tours in Syria.
SANA said that the authorities also discovered an abandoned house Thursdaywhich hadbeen used by "terroriststo torture the kidnapped peopleadding that a team of Arabobservers had gone to the area and documented the incidents there.
On TuesdaySyria agreed to extend the Arab League (ALobserver mission for a secondmonth.
The AL started a monitoring mission in the country on December 26 of last year to monitor thecountry's unrest on the ground.
Meanwhilethe Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reportedly said that 49people were killed Thursday across Syriaincluding eight Syrian soldiers and seven defectors.
The reporthowevercouldn't be independently verified on the ground.
The Syrian government has charged that a media war is being launched to undermine Syria'ssecurity and stabilityIt further says that it's cracking down on armed groups that are targetingarmy men and civilians as well.
Some Syrian provincessuch as HomsHamaIdliband some suburbs of the capitalDamascushave witnessed severe clashes between government troops and militia groups,allegedly comprising of Syrian army defectorsThe daily grind of violence has stocked fearsthat the country might be sliding toward a civil war.
The head of the so-called Syrian Free Army, a group of alleged defectors who were givenrefuge in Turkey, has recently pledged to carry out wide-scale attacks against army basesacross Syria.
Damascus said some 2,000 army and security personnel have been killed since the unrestbegan last Marchwhile the UN has reported more than 5,400 deaths from the violence.
Didn't we see this coming?
 Thursday 12 January 2012 12:00
'Israel finger mark over Syria unrest'
Islam Times - Syrian security forces reportedly seize yet another cache of weapons, bearing traces of Israel's contribution to unrest inside the country.
The Syrian Army displays weapons seized from armed gangs in the town of Jisr al-Shughour, north of the capital Damascus, on June 13, 2011.
The Syrian Army displays weapons seized from armed gangs in the town of Jisr al-Shughour, north of the capital Damascus, on June 13, 2011.
The shipment had been smuggled into the country for anti-government armed groups.

According to authorities, it included bombs manufactured by Israel.

The cargo is not the first one containing Israel-made weaponry meant for armed saboteurs fighting the central government in Damascus.

On October 16, the Syrian ambassador to the Arab League told a meeting of the regional grouping in the Egyptian capital Cairo that Syrian security forces had seized Israel-manufactured weapons trafficked into the country through Lebanon's soil.

Youssef Ahmad said, "They are Israeli made automatic weapons,” which are used by the “armed opposition to kill the sons of our nation.”

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March, with demonstrations being held both against and in favor of President Bashar al-Assad's government.

Hundreds of people, including many members of the Syrian security forces, have been killed during the unrest.

The Syrian government says outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists are the driving factor behind the turmoil and deadly violence, while the opposition accuses the security forces of being behind the killings.

Damascus also says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country and that the security forces have been given clear instructions not to harm civilians.

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