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0 40+ Michigan State University Students Walk Out On Visiting Israeli Soldiers

On Tuesday, February 21st, 2012, two IDF soldiers came to Michigan State University to spew pro-Israel propaganda and speak about their 'experiences'. They were co-sponsored by MSU ROTC, MSU Stand With Us and the MSU Hillel.

Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) found out on Sunday night, less than 48 hours before the proposed event to take place on Tuesday. Faced with less than two days to decide a reaction and possible means, SAFE had to think and act quick. Looking to the SAFE at University of Michigan, and SJP's around the country for various protests and reactions to this type of propaganda, MSU SAFE decided to attempt a walkout. With only three people attending a preliminary meeting, and only with fifteen confirmed in attendance, SAFE was unsure of the effects of a walkout with such low attendance.

However, as SAFE organizers waited nervously at the meeting location on Tuesday, dozens of people showed up. Dispersing finally to the location of the event, more SAFE supporters and members showed up - over 40 people. The hall originally only featured a few rows, but after SAFE filled those rows, ROTC brought out more chairs for the intended audience. Hence, the ROTC cadets sitting in the back of the room.

After sitting through enough propaganda, SAFE 'walked out'. 

After the walk out, ROTC requested that we return to explain our actions. SAFE declined to strengthen the message and reinforce the symbolism of being 'silenced'. 

A quote from the video:
"This is for everyone we have on our shirts, this is for everyone in Palestine, this is for everyone in the world. This is for you, this is for me. This is for every one who can't use their we got to show them we are with them and we support them, and sometimes thats the most important thing, to just show them we support them." --Dena Elian, MSU SAFE President.

State News Coverage: [very, very poorly written article -- comments reflect this] [an opinion column by a participator in the walkout with SAFE]

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