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0 Al Qaeda Bomb Rant Pilot Tackled By Plane Passengers

The captain of a US airliner was tackled by his own passengers after he ran up and down a packed jet screaming about bombs and al Qaeda.
The JetBlue plane, en route from New York's JFK airport to Las Vegas, was forced into an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas, as the pilot was pinned down.
Alarmed passengers became aware of the incident when the co-pilot, seemingly worried by his colleague's erratic behavior, locked him out of his own cockpit when he left to use the toilet.
The captain - believed to be Clayton Osbon - responded by banging angrily on the flight deck door, before running up and down the aisle screaming, "Say your prayers!" according to the New York Post.
A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) statement said: "The co-pilot became concerned that the captain exhibited erratic behavior during the flight.
"The captain had exited the cockpit during the flight, after which the co-pilot locked the door.
"When the captain attempted to enter the locked cockpit, he was subdued by passengers.
"After the flight landed safely, local law enforcement secured the pilot and he was transported by ambulance for medical evaluation."

A JetBlue statement said that roughly three and a half hours into the flight, "the pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo, Texas, for a medical situation involving the captain.

"Another captain, travelling off duty, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo, and took over the duties of the ill crew member, who was taken to a local medical facility in Amarillo."
Passenger David Gonzalez told Fox News how Osbon ranted incoherently about Iran then moved towards an emergency exit.
Mr Gonzalez responded by making a grab for the captain and managed to choke him until he collapsed. 
"I told him I'm gonna show you what Iran is like and I grabbed him and choked him," said Mr Gonzalez. 
"I was able to choke him with my forearm. At that time I let go of his throat and tackled him to the floor."
"We were afraid he'd wake up," added Mr Gonzalez.
Passenger Tiffany Lee tweeted: "Our pilot went nuts and we had to land in Amarillo.
"I saw my life flash before my eyes today."
Grainy YouTube footage taken by one passenger after the plane landed showed a scrum at the front of the aircraft.
In the footage an attendant reminds people to stay seated and scolds them for taking video, saying: "We don't need pictures of this, please."
A JetBlue spokeswoman said all passengers will be reimbursed for the flight and receive a credit for twice the value of their ticket.
The US attorney's office in North Texas will decide whether charges will be filed.
Osbon's distraught wife of six years, Connye Osbon, said she did not "have a clue" what had happened aboard the plane, in comments to ABC News.
"There are several different sides to every story. Just keep that in mind," she cautioned, adding that she had not spoken to her husband since the incident.


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