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0 Ron Paul supporters and anti-Semitism


Several months ago Ron Paul was accused of attitudes that bordered on anti-Semitism by his former staffer Eric Dondero. Dr. Paul refused to deny the charges, while Mr. Dondero failed to offer corroborating evidence.
Therefore, to refer to Ron Paul as an anti-Semite at this point would be unfair.
His supporters are another matter. Whenever anyone criticizes Ron Paul supporters, they rush in to defend the candidate himself by countering charges that were not brought up. They claim that it is unfair to blame the candidate for his supporters. Therefore it is necessary to be crystal clear. This is not about the candidate. This is solely about his supporters.
His supporters will then lob the accusation that an attack on his supporters is a thinly veiled method of discrediting the candidate. They have it backwards. One of the reasons so many people reject Ron Paul is the behavior of his supporters. Part of this behavior includes the issue of anti-Semitism.
They then claim that every candidate has some fringe supporters, and to blame the whole lot of them is unfair. Again, clarity is necessary. Anti-Semitism does not represent a majority of Ron Paul supporters. However, it is not as rare as the movement wishes to pretend.
A statistically significant plurality of his supporters do have attitudes toward Jews that cross the line.
Ron Paul supporters may never grasp this, but the purpose of columns like these is not to increase tensions but to reduce them. Many people may have good intentions but simply do not know where the line should be drawn. Those with an axe to grind will insist that any criticism is an attack. For those who are reasonable, it is important to separate legitimate discourse from anti-Semitism.
Ron Paul believes in cutting off aid to Israel. He also believes in cutting off aid to all nations, including enemies of Israel. His supporters argue that this would benefit Israel. His critics sharply disagree. Regardless of how one feels about such a policy proposal, there is absolutely unequivocally nothing in that proposal that rises to the level of anti-Semitism. Dr. Paul has stated that if Israel were attack Iran, the United States should stay out of it. He has also not promised to defend Israel if Iran attacks first. The first part of this equation delights the Jewish community while the second part concerns them.
However, Dr. Paul's positions are consistent.
Check out the comments on the article....this guy hit a firm brick wall 99% of the comments are still pro- Ron Paul.....and surprisingly (mabey for him anyway) the majority are from Jewish Ron Paul supporters.
The media ramping up of all this supposed 
"anti-Semitism"  personally show's me one thing.....
somebody is scared.

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