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3 Full build up and assault before "5 year old girl shuts down armed soldiers"

Below is the Full 9 mins of video of the assault and confrontation in Nabi Saleh that directly leads up the now viral clip of
"a 5 year old Palestinian girl shouting down armed soldiers", just for all cynical people that instantly said this was STAGED...I hope you now listen, and see how brave this REALLY WAS.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was staged. Note the veiled woman at 4:22 waving to cue in the little with the prepared speech, prepared by PLO propagandists.

roonster said...

That's ridiculous...
Is the girl even in frame at this point? or around?
do you see a speech in her hands? she reading from one?
So your saying they "STAGED" a full scale riot?...just for this?
was this the very very best you could do to try and discredit this?

Mabey ...just mabey... she has seen these assaults happen far too often,
mabey this is ingrained in her head now?.....there just happened to be some journalist's with camera's this time?
remember were this is...
this is Gaza...not Disneyland.

roonster said...

PS :

Would the cameraman not just edit "the old woman" out if this was the case?

point taken?