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0 Another Faked Bin Laden Propaganda Photo shows up

Startling insight into the life of Bin Laden's young wife who gave up everything for terror chief.

excerpt of article:
Taking a bullet for your husband and agreeing to live in a cave for him are surely the biggest gestures of love a woman can make.
But these are just days in the life of the wife of Osama bin Laden who - until Monday - was America's most wanted terrorist.
Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah - thought to be Bin Laden's fifth and final wife - was shot in the calf when she charged at the Navy SEALs who stormed the room she had been living in with her husband for the last five years.
As Pakistani authorities took hold of the woman and her young daughter Safiyah, they hoped that questioning her could provide intricate details into the life of America's most hated enemy.
The article carries the following Badly Photoshopped photograph....which I've highlighted:

 I thought I could do a better job myself.....the following took me around 15 minutes..and I'm a long long way from being any kind of "expert" at ain't brilliant but it's better.

It's a wonder they didn't go the whole hog and have it dug up among the smoldering burning rubble...
on top of a burning Koran!!, as they did with one of the 9/11 hijackers passports.....

Are we really meant to just believe all these inconsistency's and out right lies surrounding this story of Osama's death?...
or is the real goal to confuse and mislead so much so...that people start to forget the main point is that he was very likely already dead and had been for some time?, at least ten years by most estimates.
During the late 90's he was diagnosed with a rare form of Kidney disease from that point on he required the daily constant help of a dialysis machine, these of which are surprisingly scarce in the middle of the desert.
Show me a VERY GOOD photo or video of a dialysis machine being removed from the so called " Compound" and I'd at least have a little respect for people propagating this story,
I still wouldn't believe it....but least we would know they were trying a little harder, and didn't take the public as complete idiots.

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