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7 Debbie Schlussel Gloats Over Norway Killing...The True Face Of Zionism

Ultra-right-wing, Jewish-Zionist blogger, Debbie Schlussel has shown the ugliest side of American neo-Conservatism by saying the terrorist shooting spree at a Norwegian Labour Party youth camp was “karma” for the group’s political opposition to Israeli treatment of Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank.

Debbie Schlussel

Noting that a pro-Palestine rally was held at the camp the day before the shooting, Schlussel wrote on July 28 that “these hateful, privileged brats at the camp boycotted Jews and sided with Jew-killers. What goes around comes around.  
You support terrorists against innocent civilians in Israel, then you get attacked by terrorists who are upset with your support.”

Norway has announced it will support a move by the Palestinian Authority at the United Nations to be recognized as an official state, should the matter come up for a vote this September. 
The creation of a Palestinian state was a position endorsed by Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Many Israeli politicians, including current conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have also approved of the concept.

“For me, this is like Alien v. Predator,” Schlussel continued. “I’m not sad for either side.  And I make no apologies for it.”

The political rally was held the day before the shooting

 While claiming she does not “condone massacres on innocent civilians,” Schlussel wrote, “Now these kids’ families know what it feels like to be victims of the Islamic terrorists whose Judenrein boycotts and terrorist flotillas against Israel they support.  
We don’t live in a vacuum.  I can’t feel sorry for those who support my would-be assassins.  And I don’t get too upset when they face the karma that is their fate.”

Her condoning of the “karmic fate” of the more than 70 massacered reflect the motives given by self-confessed killer, Anders Behring Breivik, who targeted the left-wing youth for their political party’s open-immigration and pro-Muslim policies. 
A Christian Zionist, Breivik saw Israel as an ally against his own Crusade against “jihadism.”

Schlussel’s comments were roundly condemned by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who noted that Schlussel essential said that “while she dislikes the wanton murder of unarmed children, the outcome of wanton murder can be considered righteous.”
The SPLC also notes that after Al Queda founder Osama bin Laden was killed in May, Schlussel called for the genocide of 1.8 billion Muslims, and an epileptic case of Schadenfreude when CBS correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted in Cairo last February.
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ABOUT DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL: (taken from her blog)

Conservative political commentator, radio talk show host, columnist, and attorney
Schlussel’s unique expertise on radical Islam/Islamic terrorism and a host of other issues make her a popular speaker and television and radio news talk show guest, both nationally & internationally. (Her online fan club is the Internets second largest for a political personality–behind only Ann Coulter.) She is a University of Michigan graduate and holds both Law and MBA degrees from the University of Wisconsin.
As both an attorney and a frequent New York Post and Jerusalem Post columnist, Schlussel’s writings/commentary on radical Islam and her legal actions against radical Islamic parties have gotten a great deal of attention — and results. Columns she’s written in the New York Post and made appearances  on FOX's “O’Reilly Factor”:


wrh said...

But Palestinians fighting to save their homes and children are all "terrorists", right, Debbie?

Anonymous said...

Your ignorance leaves me speechless.

Are you the same Debbie who did Dallas?

roonster said...

I Did not realise she had done Alex Jones Show in the past....but I'm not supprised either.

Roon (project mindwake)

Anonymous said...

Not content to embrace and expand upon the moronic vacuity she was born and blessed with. The bitch Schlussel actually paid "educational facilities" to augment it for her. It wasn't easy, but miracles do happen.

marheg said...

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

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Debbie is a fat dumblond moron

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Ignorance and hatred are the only assets and goodwill of this fake blond with a nose job (probably to hide her semitic origin while she's supposed to be proud of it). I actually like the fact that she's around. I always give her as an example of SHOULD NOT BE LIKE to my daughters: low moral values, confusion, lies and intellectual cheating.