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0 Euromerica, New Shanghai, United Federation Of Britian...but no Mars?, Total Recall Remake

The usual complaint about remakes is that they don’t bring anything new. 

Len Wiseman seems to have taken that to heart, and is trying something totally different with his “Total Recall” remake. The Philip K. Dick story (“We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”) has been adapted before by Paul Verhoeven in the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger action blockbuster. Unlike that version, Wiseman’s will not be set on the planet Mars, will probably not feature all sorts of mutants, and certainly won’t have any 3-breasted Martian hookers. So how can it be any good, then?

Well, by honouring the core story, and then giving it a fresh spin. The story is about a construction worker named Douglas Quaid who agrees to have vacation memories implanted by Rekall, Inc only to have his mind get all messed up as he starts remembering another identity — that of a secret agent. In this new version, the fresh spin comes via an Earthbound setting, a world where countries have merged into large conglomerate-like entities. Having Colin Farrell as Quaid creates a decidedly different feel for the character compared to Arnie. Many fanboys are skeptical about Wiseman (“Die Hard 4.0″) at the helm, but he can bring the thrills… when he has a good script.

Here is your first-ever look at some shots and props from the film, which shows Quaid in trouble. This version sees him as a suspected spy for both Euromerica and New Shanghai, so those troops must belong to either side.

A little helping of Federal Policing & future world politics programming anyone??

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