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1 Iranian Governor: gas pipeline explosion caused by" Zionist's and US mercenaries"

Governor of Iran's northwestern border city of Makou Hamid Ahmadian said gas cut problem caused following a blast in Iran-Turkey pipeline would be solved by Saturday evening.

Governor of Makou added Iran’s gas export to Turkey was temporarily halted due to the explosion occurred during gas swap.
Ahmadian continued, “the explosion happened 2:07 a.m. Friday by Zionist regime and the US mercenaries and those deceived by them."
“From the beginning of the bombing, all the forces were on alert and managed to extinguish the fire in 35 minutes," Ahmadian told ISNA.
The Governor of Makou pointed out, ”the bombing left no casualty," as expressing hope the problem would be solved by Saurday evening.
Ahmadian added the degree of loss has not estimated yet and that, “police and military forces have been on alert since the blast came and are searching for perpetrators behind the explosion."
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Rhonda said...

I believe it... unfortunately, the U.S. has "hitched their wagon" to the wrong horse.