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0 Met police to charge TV producers to appear in programmes

Documentary-makers shocked at fees of £500 a day and 15% share of any profits from sale of shows abroad

ITV documentary In The Line of Fire
ITV documentary In The Line of Fire followed officers from CO19’s uniformed response team. Photograph: ITV
The Metropolitan police is trying to raise money by charging TV producers who want the force to feature in their programmes £500 a day and a 15% share of any profits from the sale of the show abroad or merchandising.
Scotland Yard's Income Development Unit will also charge for "for any resources used" including "bikes, cars, dogs and horses". Documentary-makers are shocked at the fees, which they say are too high and will affect coverage of the Met in TV programmes.
Previous shows that have featured the force include ITV1's In the Line of Fire, which followed the work of part of CO19's uniformed response team.
According to the Met, the increase in the number of digital television channels has "resulted in a significant increase in the number of documentary requests".

I wonder how much was paid for this piece of....
"Pure Action Filming"?

Are our "police officers" now going to try and outdo each other in the "Action Scenes"?....

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