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0 South African intelligence investigates role of British company in Col Gaddafi's attempt to flee Sirte

The South African intelligence services are investigating the role of a British company in a mission to help Colonel Gaddafi flee from Libya which ended in his capture and death. 

According to a senior intelligence source, both the British firm and a woman in Kenya who is thought to have recruited South African mercenaries on its behalf are "of interest" in their investigation.
It has been alleged that one of the security firms who provided mercenaries for the mission may have acted as a “double agent”, helping Nato to pinpoint Gaddafi’s convoy for attack, and that the dictator’s escape was “meant to fail”.
The affair risks further straining relations between London and Pretoria. President Jacob Zuma repeatedly clashed with the West over its involvement in Libya, at one stage accusing it of pursuing “illegal regime change”.
A total of 50 private soldiers, including 19 South Africans, are reported to have travelled to Libya on instructions to smuggle the former dictator from his birthplace of Sirte over the border to Niger.
Among them were said to be members of the team led by former SAS officer Simon Mann on the “Wonga coup” to unseat Equatorial Guinea’s dictator.

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And the UNITED NATIONS are supposedly....
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