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0 Albany State drill to test emergency response to a disgruntled employee on campus with a gun.

ASU Police Chief James Fields says that his agency conducted the drill Tuesday afternoon to insure that his officers would know how to stop casualties in a real-world environment, putting  the theory they learned in the classroom into action.

The scenario of the drill was to test their emergency response to a disgruntled employee on campus with a gun.  ASU President Dr. Freeman said that school leadership also wanted to the see how upper campus traffic could be controlled under an emergency situation.

In addition to over two dozen ASU personnel, officers from the Dougherty County School System, Albany Police Department and the Dougherty County Police Department participated and assisted.

Chief Fields said that more drills are planned with outside trainers, to test ASU's response to critical situations without outside help. Fields said that "ASU PD must be able to deal with the threat in a real way, not just in the classroom setting."

District health officers were also on hand to help with coordination of the drill and to evaluate response.

A debriefing was held after to assess the performance of the officers.  Fields said the Board of Regents requires two such drills per year, and ASU plans to have at least three.


Sounds like some "quick fire tragedy" news is in the pipeline, to take some of  this Media/public attention away from 
Occupy Wall Street ....America.

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