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0 Iran envoy: Russian policy affected by western, Zionist intelligence

Iranian ambassador to Russia Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi said Russian political organizations are mainly influenced by western and Zionist intelligence penetration. 

Sajjadi noted, “Since Russia lies near the Iranian borderlines and that Caucasus region suffers serious tensions, the country has the illusion that Iran is a nuclear power that may be turned into a nuclear and military might in the region. This is due to false information it has received from the West and Zionist regime’s channels.
They (Russia) also said that nuclear discussion is one of the serious factors imposes restrictions in bilateral relations."
“We have made efforts to assure Russians that our defense strategy is not based on nuclear weapons, but unfortunately the possibility of the West and Zionist regime’s intelligence penetration into Russian political system is high,” Sajjadi told ISNA.
Iranian envoy also continued, “We hope a proper dialogue would be opened based on the two sides’ potentials by the mutual visits of the foreign ministers.”
As to Russian ambassador to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Dmitry Rogozin’s plan to visit Tehran, Sajjadi said, “No agreement has been made on his visit to Tehran.”
He added, “There would be no nuclear talks through the visit at all, since he is not working on nuclear issue." 

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