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0 CNN's Dana Bash EXPOSED: Covering Up Her Humiliating Encounter With Ron Paul

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Her Tweet:

Check out what  told me 2day re competing in fla. Doesn't have $ now & doesn't wanna borrow $ like the govt

And subsequent CNN report...

Paul not focusing resources on Florida

Stratham, New Hampshire (CNN) – For most Republican candidates Florida's primary is critical.
But Ron Paul is not like most Republican candidates, and he tells CNN that for now, he plans on focusing his resources on caucuses that come after the contest in the Sunshine State.
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"We don't have a big campaign planned there but they'll know we're there and we have the caucus states that we'll be paying more attention to," Paul told CNN in an interview.
Florida was penalized by the Republican National Committee for moving its primary earlier than rules allowed. Its 99 delegates were cut down to 50. Still, Florida is a critically important state for the general election, so what does this say about Paul's efforts to secure the nomination?
"I think it tells you that we are realistic. That's the way we approached Iowa, we did pretty well there, and right now, polls are looking pretty good up here. So I think we're being realistic, we shouldn't be acting like the government and spend money we don't have," Paul said with a chuckle.
Paul's campaign chairman Jesse Benton says their focus after South Carolina's primary on January 21st will be caucus states of Nevada, Louisiana, and Maine, which offer a total of 98 delegates, and where Paul's aides hope to rack up enough to keep their campaign going all the way to the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida.
Even if he doesn't get the nomination, Paul would have significant leverage there in promoting what the messages of his libertarian, anti-interventionist movement.
But Paul also made clear that if he does better than expected here in the Granite State and can raise more cash, his campaign may change course and compete more forcefully in Florida.
"We have to wait and see how things go," Paul told CNN.
And finally, her slipping up on live TV that she is worried about the scale of Ron Paul's success....

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