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1 Post-JFK Assassination Air Force One Flight Deck Recording Released: 01-30-2012

Post-JFK Assassination Air Force One Flight Deck Recording

Released: 01-30-2012

The Raab Collection has donated an original audiotape recording to the National Archives that includes taped conversations on President Kennedy's official airplane, "Air Force One," during its flight following his assassination on November 22, 1963. The conversations were between pilots and other individuals on the flight and various individuals in Washington, DC, on the flight back from Dallas, TX, to Andrews Air Force Base.


The Raab Collection recently discovered two ¼" open-reel audiotapes containing identical excerpts from the Air Force One flight on November 22, 1963, among the papers and other memorabilia of Army General Chester "Ted" Clifton, Jr. General Clifton served as senior military aide to President John F. Kennedy and had received the tapes from the White House Communications Agency (WHCA). The original audiotape recording is described as "Radio Traffic involving AF-1 in flight from Dallas, Texas, to Andrews AFB on November 22, 1963."

The conversations were captured by the WHCA, which routed all phone calls and radio traffic. The tape also includes communication between the WHCA and a second aircraft of the Presidential fleet, known as 86972 (by its tail number), which was en route to Tokyo at the time of the assassination with members of the President's cabinet.

The recording includes references to new code names and incidents. Among them are a private conversation by head of the Secret Service Jerry Behn about the disposition of the President's body; an expanded conversation about how to remove the body from the plane and where to take it; an urgent effort by an aide to Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay to reach General Clifton; and attempts to locate various Congressmen from Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Smacks of a coup-

Lemay will be too late for what?
Controlling the evidence and autopsy..

Cabinet 2 hours west out of Hawaii, Gives Johnson's team the crucial hours they need to establish a coup in fact.
Hoover, Dulles, Hunt, Johnson, scumbags one and all.
Who is WTE? Why code name for Lemay, Grandson?
Why did Johnson scrub the tape?
Oswald was a patsy, he could have taken the shot, his own brother felt him guilty. Listen and look at what Oswald says- he would pass any stress test lie detector. Oswald was the perfectly groomed patsy. His wife thought him guilty as well. Oswald may have been present, may have taken a shot. Not a triangulated head shot from the front. Oswald hated Connelly, this was documented. Point is he may have been involved-but sure as heck did not do it alone.
Why did Dallas police lose the interrogation transcripts? Were they incompetent morons incapable of keeping records or transporting a prisoner?
Kennedy did not want to go to Dallas and was warned not to go. Johnson got into a screaming match when Kennedy wanted to cancel the trip- in the end Johnson got his way. Johnson was peculiarly involved in the seating and order of the 16 vehicle convoy. This was Johnsons last chance for an orderly controlled coup- the beheading of the US government. Ike warned about the Military Industrial Complex. With Kennedy dead, the Joint chiefs got their war-Vietnam. Johnson reversed Kennedys decision not to escalate in Vietnam as his first act of office. Then we got the equal fiction of Tonkin Gulf incident. We are the assination generation-those who were alive when JFK were shot.
Johnson tried everything he could not to have any commission or investigation. Public outcry demanded action so we got the controlled fiction of the Warren comission. Johnson rigged the game. When I went to the JFK Special School of Warfare, the instructors there all beleived that Dallas was a professional hit. A shot to the rear of a head does not put bone and brain tissue in a 30 foot blowback to the face of the motorcycle officer, again riding 30 feet behind-check the uncut Zapgruder film.

Jackie played the part and kept her silence.
RFK knew the score and was set up by the same team. Nixon had the goods-Nixon knew- on Johnson and forced him out of the race in 67, to a stunned public.. Nixon had tapes of Johnson incriminating himself in the murder.
Better retirement than prison which was what he deserved, and what was held out as his alternative. No more secrets. A free society needs to own their history-good, bad, and ugly. Bizarre to know that some files and records are still sealed to this day, and have not been released. No more lies. Johnson is the worst disgrace that the office of the President, and the Democratic party have ever witnessed.
Johnson urinated on the Tarmac beside AF1 at LAX, with a beer can in his hand, in the morning. Crude and embarrassing to those who witnessed. Johnson was carefree, he had just gotten away with the crime of the millenia, so whats a beer and a public piss in the morning going to hurt? Hubris unimaginable.