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0 Man injuries himself with explosives...Police a little too understanding.

 An Indiana father is recovering from serious injuries he apparently received while working with explosive chemicals.
Bomb and hazardous device crews in Fort Wayne worked into the morning hours after police found a vast amount of chemicals and powders used to make explosive devices in the apartment.
Officers said it's not unusual for people to try to make bombs, but finds it strange the amount of chemicals they found in the apartment.
"Our officers, our bomb technicians have discovered several containers filled with unknown chemicals, several jars and vials, also filled with unknown powders," said Police spokeswoman, Raquel Foster.
Police became suspicious after a man called 911 saying he was hurt from an explosion. Turns out the man mixed two chemicals that hardened. He then started chiseling away at the rock hard mixture and it exploded.
"You have to envision what he was doing, he was chiseling away at this item," Foster said. "He was well within close proximity and suffered the extent of the explosion to his hand."
The man is still in critical condition and is so badly injured that police have not been able to talk to him. The man's two teens were also in the apartment. One was hurt, but is now out of the hospital.
Police do not know why the man had the chemicals or what he planned to do with them.
"Just the amount of the items that were located inside the home it's likely that this was a hobby," Foster said.
Once the investigation is complete the information will be sent to the Allen County prosecutor's office. Police said it's likely the man will face criminal charges.

Can you imagine how many national networks would be covering this if say....
he was of middle eastern descent?...would he get away with  using  "oh it's a just hobby"?

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