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0 Soon it will be illegal to use CASH for purchases over 5K euro in Belgium

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In order to combat black money, any Belgian purchases of 5,000 euros or more in a few months only by credit card or bank transfer. Also advances on such expensive goods or services may not be paid with cash.
  •  Secretary of State-Fraud John Crombez (SP.A) mandatory electronic payment for large amounts  
Who purchases of 5,000 euros or more have to pay with banknotes, to be quick. Before the summer to State Fraud John Crombez (SP.A) prohibit such large sums are paid in cash. Payments may be higher than € 5,000 then only with the credit card or by bank transfer. The federal government argues that the fight against black money and the "gray economy" sensitively.How exactly does this tax question, it is still not a foregone conclusion. 

Experts are currently working on the new legislation, next Friday, the government team that first time through it. France, Greece and the Netherlands have 
already lowered their threshold for cash payments to money laundering counter. "If the maintenance is done correctly, this is one of the most important anti-fraud measures', it is in government. The OECD estimates the share of underground economy in our country 18 percent of GDP. The sectors with the tax stamp, are those of the second hand car dealers, art dealers, jewelers, and real estate agents, in addition to catering and construction. In real estate it is not so much the amount but the advances. After all, that limitation applies to all advances that customers pay on purchases of 5,000 euros. If someone gives a deposit of say, 10 percent of a total of 5,000 euros, Crombez is that this amount is paid with the card or by bank transfer. The State will also try to enter the threshold for 'services rendered'. These are services that people with a professional such as lawyers and auditors, delivered. Since 1993, the limit for cash payments of 15,000 euros.Over two years the threshold has been lowered to 3,000 euros. The State will temporarily not explain this drastic measure. Which he reserves for parliament next week where he explained his policy does. Geert Noels economist would have been lost comments. "This is one of the few measures and GDP and tax revenue benefits. It breaks with Belgium and its past reputation as a thriving gray track. Hopefully the controls are adequate so that this change our mentality."

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