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0 Israel's New Upgraded Missile to "Generate Maritime Supremacy"

The upgraded ‘Barak' missile recently implemented in the Israeli Navy will allow for better operational responses and ultimate defense

14:49 GMT, February 9, 2012 Upgraded defensive capabilities were recently incorporated to Israeli Navy forces including the new and improved "Barak" surface-to-air missiles used to protect vessels. The Naval corps is working to declare the improved missiles operational as soon as possible with trial both at sea and in the air.

"Upgrading the missile will provide an improved operational response, so we want it equipped on our vessels as quickly as possible. The Israeli Navy intends to produce a superior maritime force, and prevent any harm to our forces. These fleets will not only guard the coast, but rather defend the entire country," said a senior naval source.

Another recent development deals with the issue of balancing energy resources and the economic waters of the State of Israel. The Navy is attempting to harness to its advantage the economic security presented by resources such as gas, oil and minerals located near Israel's coast.

The navy and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at large are doing all they can to execute the government's decision on this matter.


Israel...if you have to fire a couple of "Barak's"....try Obama, and Ehud.

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