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3 “Sudden Death of an old African President in 60 days”

Renowned Nigerian ‘prophet’ Temitope Balogun Joshua has ‘prophesied’ that an old African dictator is dying within the next 2 months.

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TB Joshua(pictured), who has foretold many world shaking events which include the death of Michael Jackson, the resignation of Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf, and also the rise of the current president of Ghana a few weeks before they happened, said Sunday morning:
“I’m seeing a head of state, by that I mean a president. He is not feeling well. He is very old. What is this I’m seeing…sudden death. .I’m seeing the death of an old African president in two months,” during a service on Sunday.
“Sudden Death of an old African Head of State coming in two months”

TB Joshua who is renowned for making other predictions has not disclosed the name of this old African dictator, but many Zimbabweans on Monday rushed to suggest that it could be President Robert Mugabe who is currently Africa’s oldest presidential ruler.

“Sudden Death of an old African Head of State coming in two months”
So popular is TB Joshua that many Zimbabwean politicians including Morgan Tsvangirai and ZANU PF Womens league leader Orpha Rushesha, have in recent months been flying to Nigeria visiting his church to be prayed for.

TB Joshua

“TB Joshua, Tell me now!”
An MDC legislator, HON Perez Hamandishe was seen on social networking website Facebook stating his anxiety:
“I want TB Joshua to be straight to the point.!!. He mustn’t keep me in suspense. He must not keep my nerves on edge and stretched to the limit. He announced today that an old African President is going to die in two months’ time from today. Who is that President?, TB Joshua, Tell me now, I want to know.”
Others however have rubbished TB Joshua’s prophecy accusing anyone supporting the prophecy to be practicing witchcraft:
Said one other Zimbabwean:
“This does not need any education, common sense is enough. Anyone who listens to TB Joshua needs deliverance. That’s why I transferred the prophecy to you, cause you claimed it for someone; why not claim it for yourself? Zvawaita ndokunonzi kuroya. Long life Mugabe, those who wish him death it shall be their portion.”
Also foretold John Atta Mills election
TB Joshua is accredited for prophesying the re-election of John Atta Mills, among others.
Speaking a few weeks after he was made president following TB Joshua’s prophecy John Atta Mills said:
“I believe that the elections in Ghana have changed the minds of many people. I believe there are many people who are going to give themselves to God because of what has happened, and we will always want God’s name to be glorified…My brothers we are all the same children of God. Lets help one another. Lets hold each other’s hands and whatever happens to us lets give praise to the Almighty God. God we thank you for your glory. May your name be praised forever and ever. Amen”.

Mmmmmmm......I don't really believe in this stuff, but wouldn't it be interesting if something  did actually happen in that time frame?


Anonymous said...

Prophet TB Joshua DID NOT prophesy that an African president would die in 60 days or two months time.
Please note: Prophet TB Joshua DID NOT speak those words.
DO NOT misquote him. DO NOT spread rumours and attribute them to Prophet TB Joshua.
Prophet TB Joshua speaks forth only what he hears from God Almighty and it is not to be misquoted, mistreated or misused for one’s own benefit.
“You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you” (Deuteronomy 4:2).
ALL PROPHECIES revealed by God Almighty through Prophet TB Joshua are broadcast LIVE on Emmanuel TV, rebroadcast throughout the week and posted on our official websites: /
THIS is what Prophet TB Joshua prophesied regarding an African head of state:
“We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time - being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”
He DID NOT say more than that. He only said that we should pray for his life to be saved. He DID NOT say that the prophecy was unchangeable. He DID NOT give his name; he DID NOT say when the leader would die; he DID NOT say that the leader MUST die; he DID NOT give the name of the country the leader was from. He only said that we should pray for him.

Anonymous said...

mwari ndiye anoziva hama wee

roonster said...

Fair enough, to be honest I only posted the story as a reminder to myself out of curiosity..just in case "something" was to happen in that time frame(prophets are not really something I want to cover on this blog), I do not actually believe it would/could ever be "prophesied" any more than the way 9/11 was "prophesied", events of this nature only happen when someone has something to gain. The whole of Africa is about to go though some major political/structural changes, and a major government figure "dying" would fit perfectly with this plot.
I was looking at it COMPLETELY from that angle really...
I clearly stated the original source of the story at the end of the post...
I honestly suggest you complain to them.