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0 Fukushima disaster manga in Japan — ‘The Nuclear Man’ by DC Comics in U.S. — Kids play with reactor toy set (PHOTOS)

SOURCE: Crunchyroll, January 29, 2013:
Food Manga “Oishinbo” Begins Exploration of Fukushima Nuclear Controversy
Source: ManTanWeb
[...] Its is now getting a lot of media attention for a “Fukushima, the Truth” story, which features Yamaoka investigating the nuclear reactor damaged during the quake. The series seems poised to walk a fine line in its handling of the controversial topic. On one hand, its previous stories about the quake affected region have promoted supporting area bu [sic] buying its food products and touring its restaurants. On the other, Oishinbo has regularly dealt with food safety issues, and as such, the subject of radioactive contamination of rice and other food products seems unavoidable. [...]

SOURCE:CBS Local, January 28, 2013:
The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #16 EXCLUSIVE Preview!
Source: Man Cave Daily

More on Firestorm here

SOURCE:Co.Design, January 25, 2013:
[...] The toys themselves were met with acclaim by adults and youngsters alike. “During the exposition, I saw that the children thought the miniature nuclear power plant, mega farm and Bijlmer apartment building were completely normal and even fun and didn’t know anything about the political and societal aspect,” Roovers explains. “I love this contrast! The innocent world of children as opposed to the serious, large-scale (and at times painful) adult world.” [...]

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