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0 Video: Huge new slicks at site of BP disaster in Gulf of Mexico

20130127-Calm seas but troubled waters

2013 January 27, SundayGulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, Louisiana

As we approached the Macondo area, we first flew a few miles west to see if the new small slick we had seen ther last Sunday remained.  Sure enough, it does, same size and same place.  Perhaps this is a new natural seep? (This was NRC Incident Report #1036760 for today.)

Arriving at the scene of the 2010 April BP disaster, near the infamous lease block "MC252", we saw the most dramatic and disturbing site of all. This surface slick now stretches more than 7 nm in length south to north and is over a mile wide in many places.  There are patches of rainbow and weathered “mousse” in it as well, which we have not seen out there for many months.  (This was NRC Incident Report #1036763, our fourth and final report for today.)

20130127-Sony-3-T 20130127-Sony-4-T



     Flyover of Gulf of Mexico Macondo & vicinity

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