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0 Large Grey Unidentified Object Following The International Space Station on Live Feed

Strange object on International Space Station Live Feed

I caught sight of an odd object this morning while viewing the live feed app
 of the International Space Station
     Everything took place in the small square area between the top solar panel
     of the station and the horizon.

 Photos are from the back facing camera over roughly a 25 min period, 
     (accounting for camera down time and switches of camera etc.)
     Photos should have all id tags attached, date,time,latitudes and so on
     for people who know how to check that stuff out, if this is not the case
     please let me know and I can email the originals to you or host them 
     somewhere, I'm not very tech savvy.
     The first few photos are when I started to see this odd dark shape appear,
     by the 6th photo it is clearly seen on the horizon as a grey 
     'blob' for want of  a better word..this is when the feed cut out.
     The camera then switched back surprisingly to the same camera.
    Then over the course of the next 2 minutes or so, a large grey object 
(that must have had depth as it clearly had its own shadows) 
then proceeded to 'follow' the station.
    I got plenty of shots of it before the camera feed cut again.
 They then changed camera for a while, when they came back the sun was
  behind the ISS but this object still seemed to be in the same place it started,
 If you flick though the source images (below) you can see the rays of the sun go
in front of the object also.  
Which with my limited knowledge of these things would suggest it was  
certainly not just a lens flare.
    Cut again.
    The station was then nearing its rotation and going back into darkness.

   Any comments/ideas much appreciated.

Last photo shows roughly were this
Download all source photos in zipfile: