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0 4 New 'Corkscrew' seal deaths probed

The 'corkscrew' deaths of four seals are being investigated after their bodies were washed up on Norfolk beaches. 

Three of the seals found dead in December have similar injuries, while the fourth is being examined by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).
Forty one other seal deaths since August are still being investigated.
In 2010, dozens of seals were found washed up on beaches in north Norfolk with lacerations that appeared to have been inflicted in a corkscrew motion.
However, in the latest cases, the MMO, which regulates the use of English seas, has not released details of the injuries but wants anyone with information to come forward.
Neil Wellum, head of marine conservation and enforcement at the MMO, said: "We are keeping an open mind on all possible causes as we collect information from as many sources as possible.
"We would welcome any information from residents around this area of coastline as part of our ongoing investigation."
The MMO said it is working with Norfolk Police, the Sea Mammal Research Unit, Natural England, the Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee and others during the course of the investigation.
The mysterious deaths of more than 30 seals washed up along the east coast of Scotland and England in the past two years are being investigated.
Each of the carcasses had a single, smooth-edged cut which started at the head and spiralled around the body.
Experts said it was not known what had caused the "corkscrew" injuries, which were not consistent with fishing nets or boat propellers.
Members of the public who spot a seal carcass have been urged to report it.
Seven seals have been found with the corkscrew wounds - which affect both common and grey seals - in St Andrew Bay and the Firth of Forth in the past two months.

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