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0 Facebook Is Designed To Save Your Details Even After You Delete An Account

Having been pretty active "Truth Sharing" on Facebook for the last few years, I suddenly had what could be described as an epiphany...or a Doh! moment depending what way you look at it.

During those "few years" mainly though visiting pages relating to anything from Chemtrails to Vaccination, I knocked up a very impressive total of 250+ "Alternative Friends"(but this is smallfry compared to some who literally have 1000's )...not because I requested, knew them, or would ever meet them, but because they all shared a common interest.. "Alternative News and Truth"...(though some just had really exotic catchy names that were hard not to accept..;o) )
A typical day would see me post  few breaking alternative news articles on my wall, add a few "likes" to others that were doing the same..maybe a comment here and there, this is when I started to see how pointless and lazy what I was doing actually was. I wasn't "Truth Sharing" I was basically cutting and pasting links...who knows if they or anyone ever read past the first few sentences of the articles? be honest it got to the point were I didn't read more than a few lines myself.
Then it suddenly hit me...
1) Where was all this Information actually going?

2) Did what I was doing actually benefit anyone I was sharing it with? seeing as most were what could be described as "Awake" already they had no doubt seen it all already...and there was no way to know if all my "actual friends & family" which only numbered around 30 and who could be described as "partially asleep"  hadn't just got fed up with all my "Conspiracy Theories" and blocked my wall posts.

After much digging I came to the following conclusions...
1) All the Information ..EVERYTHING you have EVER SENT, Wallposts, Links, Messages, Photo's & Video, has been saved, databased & profiled by Facebook, even on deactivated accounts your account needs to be permanently deleted to actually delete any of your personal information, even then it's not clear if its really gone...or you are just prevented from accessing it.
This is NOT a "Conspiracy Theory" there is a relatively little known feature in "account settings" try it yourself,
Go to your "Account settings"...second from bottom you will see the following,
click for larger size
Click learn more.(you will not change anything it's just an explanation)
 you will then be faced with the following explains itself, and is a bit of an eye opener.

click for larger size

2) In it didn't, all it did was keep that information "compartmentalised" and flowing within a relatively
small number of the same people, it very rarely opened any new eyes, as also the format for sharing "in my opinion" is not detailed/eye catching enough for people with short attention spans, which in a way was exactly the  kind of people I had been trying to reach and inform.

As it became apparent to me that Facebook was not a very good tool for "Alternative news/Information sharing", I decided to close my account...or thought I had.
I at this point was confronted with a message telling me that:
"I only need to log in again to reactivate my account and information, unless I permanently delete it "
any button or link to "permanently delete" was absent...
I had to actually google "Permanently Delete Facebook" to get any information about it, lucky that search provided a link and instructions, which I then quickly followed..
only to receive the message that it will still take 7-14 days to delete the account.
7- 14 DAYS!!...why??
what exactly is being done with my information that takes that long??.
I deleted a YouTube account with over 100 uploaded videos on it and that took seconds to delete...
why would this be different?? .
It's amazing to me that the way my information was being handled ONLY became apparent when I was trying close my account,

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