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0 New 7/7 inquest: Reveals Bombs Weighed 11 kg (22 lbs) Each...Then How Were they Carried?

BBC News 1st feb 2011

in these Normal sized Rucksacks?
Are they Magic Rucksacks??

here's a few pictures to illustrate what 22lb's really looks like in 
"The Real World"
(with links for authenticity)

A lovely 22lb Carp

R8 style wheels...22 lb each
22 lb of Dough

 A 22 lb Turkey (not the story the photo) 

And last but not least...
What every good Magicshow
finishes with..........

A 22 lb Rabbit !

1 litre of water = 1kg, granted this "liquid slop" wasn't pure water, but from what I understand it has to be in a near liquid form when being used as an explosive, imagine 11 litre bottles of your favourite spring the size of the backpacks, even if at WORST for sake of argument, you were to half the 11 bottles due to the density of the added ingredients....that's STILL 6 litre bottles of spring water each...can you see what I'm getting at here yet??.  That said it was probably why they found it so hard to judge the correct quantity of ingredients, considering the wasted amounts left in the bath and flat(if the new pictures have not been staged that is....but one thing at a time)  they could have filled a car/van with this stuff and rammed a shopping centre terrorists never seem to take the simple option.
It's the SIZE of the backpacks Vs the stated VOLUME weight of the "liquid slop" that's my issue, soon as I read it I giggled.

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