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0 dancing on ice Devil Horns Spectacular!

Mmmm...even if they give the excuse that they are "rock horns"....they were dancing to Status Quo....not Black Sabbath.

Some other popular "Horners"....

Barack and Michelle Obama

Bill Clinton

John Kerry campaigning in October of 2004

Illuminati Devil Hand Signals were Prevalent Throughout the 2005 Inauguration
 George W. Bush at his 2005 inauguration

WOW - even King Abdullah and Putty Pute are fans, everybody's doing it!

Go Long Horns!

France President Sarcozy

Vice President Dick Cheney


Maria (Kennedy) Shriver at her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just google "pop star horns handsign" then click "images"....there's alot more to this than a simple "hand signal".....

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