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0 Mass Casualty Evacuation Transport Unit - Governments prepping for something...

From Video Description:
"As a member jurisdiction of the Hampton roads Metropolitan Medical Response System (HRMMRS), the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety is working in cooperation with the York County School Division and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, and other localities in Hampton Roads to develop a much needed capacity to transport large numbers of mild to moderately ill or injured patients. Known as a Mass Casualty/Evacuation Transport Unit, these vehicles are converted, donated school/transit buses designed to transport patients during mass casualty incidents or during situations where large numbers of non-ambulatory patients need to be evacuated due to severe weather, terrorist incidents, or other such catastrophic events."

Designed for:
terrorist acts using WMD/CBRNE
epidemic disease outbreaks
natural disasters
hazardous materials incidents - Ultimate prepper book for all occasions

Some Photos From Prestentation above

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