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0 Tottenham riot: bullet lodged in officer's radio at time of Mark Duggan death 'was police issue'

The bullet fired at a police officer during the operation which ended in the death of Mark Duggan is understood to be a police-issue round, initial forensic tests have suggested.

Mr Duggan’s death during a police operation on Thursday prompted riots on the streets of Tottenham on Saturday.
It was initially suggested that he died following an exchange of fire with police officers. A bullet was found lodged in a police-officer’s radio.
However initial forensic tests suggest that the bullet is a hollow-point round as used by the Metropolitan Police.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission says they are awaiting further tests before they will know whether or not the bullet was a police-issue round.
But the results of the initial tests cast doubt on whether or not Mr Duggan actually fired at officers. It could also fuel further disturbances if it emerges that Mr Duggan did not fire at police.

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