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0 9/11 biggest cover-up in history, says British professor

The events of 9/11 comprise the “biggest cover-up in history - with institutionalised and governmental lying,” says British professor Rodney Shakespeare. 

“The purpose of which was, and is, to commit the West to war against Islam; to the upholding of the Zionist entity; and to an economic system which puts the world into ever-increasing, and now un-repayable debt,” Shakespeare said.
Speaking in an interview with IRNA ahead of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the US, he said it was clear that it was a conspiracy.

“The USA and Israel had learnt that a major aeroplane attack on the World Trade Center was intended and they realised that, if the attack happened, within a few hours, the West could be stampeded into war,” said the professor, who is a lawyer as well as a lecturer.

“They therefore decided to let the attack go ahead and, furthermore, to make sure that, once the attack had started, it would not fail.”

Shakespeare suggested that of the many pieces of evidence for this, the most extraordinary providing absolute proof and which is supported by numerous American architects, was the collapse, of Tower Number Seven.

“It is incredible that most people are simply not aware that three skyscrapers collapsed that day, not two hit by aeroplanes. The third – Tower Number Seven – went into sudden, vertical, free-fall powdered collapse,” he said.
Buildings, the professor told IRNA, never go into sudden, vertical, free-fall powdered collapse as opposed to falling over to one side and cracking into many pieces.
“Skyscrapers cannot do a sudden free fall into powdered collapse unless explosive demolition charges have been laid in the days before,” he said.

“So the Americans and Israelis knew the attack was going to happen and they made sure it would happen in a big way. Moreover, the other two towers, hit by aeroplanes, were also aided in their collapse by explosive charges,” Shakespeare argued. 


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