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0 Ex-Soldiers Could Be Assigned To Run New British Schools

Plans to staff schools with ex-soldiers as teachers are mooted as a way of disciplining Britain's unruly youth.

The Phoenix free school in Manchester plans to offer students ambitious academic goals, outdoor activities and a demonstration of “martial values” such as “self-discipline, respect and an ability to listen”.
A secondary school for pupils aged 11-18, it is being proposed by the Centre for Policy Studies and backed by Lord Guthrie.
The school has yet to find a location but may be housed on surplus army land, such as a disused drill hall. Its intended head teacher is an army captain, Affan Burki.
Tom Burkard, a research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies, said it would not be “a glasshouse or sin-bin”.
“I want to ensure that kids are there because they want to be there. You need a stick somewhere – but if you have to use it very often, you’ve lost the battle.”

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