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0 Next war target: Iran

America is presently involved in three wars - Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, with a fourth war on the horizon, which will be Iran.

The three wars have already cost America the lives of over 5,000 American soldiers and another over 40,000 who are seriously wounded. The three wars have bankrupted America to the extent that it can no longer afford to pay for any more wars in the Middle East or anywhere else for that matter. America has absolutely nothing to show for its three wars so far!

I can see an extremely dangerous pattern here and that is the warmongers are once again beating the war drums for another enormous war against Iran. America would need a draft to wage war against Iran which has a formidable army and will have nuclear weapons very soon, which Iran will not hesitate to use against us! Meanwhile, America's so-called ally, Israel, has been just sitting on the sidelines as American soldiers get killed and maimed. America gives Israel more than $10 billion in military and economic aid annually so Israel has a duty and an obligation to help America in its useless wars. America will attack Iran soon on Israel's behalf and then America will be involved in World War III, which it has neither the manpower nor the money to fight. America would be forced to use its nuclear weapons because the Zionists would demand it.
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has hijacked American foreign policy and has conspired with its Zionist brethren in Israel to start World War III and achieve a Zionist empire that will control the entire world.

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