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0 Environmental activists or a disgruntled scientist more likely next "Terror threat"

AUSTRALIAN defence and security experts have "increasing concerns" that Australia may be the target for deadly bioterrorism attacks.
But a decade after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, environmental activists or a disgruntled scientist are seen as more likely threats than the al-Qaeda terrorist network.
Recently released proceedings of a "biodefence scenario planning workshop", held last year at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation's Fishermans Bend laboratories, reveal that senior federal and state security and health experts have reviewed bioterrorism threats based on the assumption that al-Qaeda may seek to attack on Australian soil.
But participants at the conference observed that "overseas terrorists' interest in attacking Australia may not be particularly high" and that it was "more likely" that "a disgruntled person with a scientific background, [or] groups advocating environmental preservation and protection" would be responsible for any bioterrorist attack. Unidentified "local ethnic groups" were also identified as a risk. 

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