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0 Germany: Still Under Control of Foreign Powers

by  Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel

I remember clearly the first time I learned that the Third Reich, at least on paper that is scrupulously kept from eyes beneath raised eyebrows, still exists. You didn’t know that – did you? I didn’t – until fairly recently. 
"Whatever You Say Darling"

The legendary German attorney, Horst Mahler, now serving a lifetime sentence for having rushed in bravely where angels fear to tread, called me one merry morning right after my husband was kidnapped by agents of my government to please the Noisy Lobby, and gave me the low-down on this.
In Horst’s own words, since tauntingly repeated to much judicial and editorial squirming in several recent thought-crime trials in Germany, including the ghastly show trial that cost Ernst Zundel five years:

“The German Reich, including its people, never surrendered! Only the Wehrmacht did.”

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