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0 Anti-Semitic graffiti in Dallas "brings back nightmarish memories of the holocaust"

Anti-Semitic graffiti was found in three places in Dallas, including two along Interstate 35.
A Dallas organization that tracks hate crimes is calling it an assault on the Jewish community. 

Southbound Interstate 35 drivers see the graffiti just before the Commonwealth exit. 
The words spray painted on the cement, “Zionist Occupied USA”. 
Felicia Akop was one of those drivers who saw it. 
"It's hate graffiti,” said Akop. “Whoever sees something like that, especially in such a public place." 
Disturbed by what she saw, Akop called the Anti Defamation League, which looks into acts of prejudice. 
“It's basically an inference that the Jews control everything,” said Mark Briskman, Director of the Anti Defamation League. “The Jews control the world. The Jews control the media, and so forth." 

Briskman said his organization has not seen graffiti like this in years. 

He said finding it in three locations in one month is alarming and cause for concern. 
“So that's what concerns me, is the unknown,” Briskman said. “I don't know if this is a big nothing or if this is the beginning of something we need to be concerned about. I just don't know at this juncture.”
The Anti-Defamation League reported the three graffiti attacks to Dallas Police. 
So far, there are no leads. 
For Akop, who is Jewish, it evokes nightmarish images her father endured as a holocaust survivor. 
"It's a terrifying feeling, that you're such a small minority and you're being pin-pointed in a hate crime," she said.


Well all I can say is...."Oy vey!"

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