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0 An Open Letter to Ron Paul from Michael Rivero

An Open Letter to Ron Paul from Michael Rivero

It is one thing to speak of principles and quite another to fight for them.

Dr. Paul

I am but one of the millions of Americans who supported you in 2008 and support you now. We have donated to you, volunteered for you, promoted you, defended you, and in a very real way fought for you. Now may be the time for you to return the favor.
All across Iowa, alarming indicators are rising that those who wish to continue the nation down the path of fascism are preparing to steal the Iowa Caucus from you. We all know you are a gentleman and still believe in the ultimate fairness of our nation, but in this one regard I fear you are being dangerously naive. As the HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy" illustrates, election fraud, always a reality in the past, is now epidemic across the nation. Iowa has a prior history of vote fraud shenanigans, as shown in 1996 when vote fraud shaved 13% from Pat Buchanan's totals all across the state, tipping the victory to Bob Dole.

As I am fond of telling my radio audience, this election is not a gentlemanly contest. It is a bare-knuckles, knock-down, spit-teeth-in-the-gutter fight for the future of this nation, with a nuclear world war hanging in the balance. Your opponents espouse that God wants this nuclear war waged on the Arab world and the problem with politicians listening to those voices in their head is that they truly believe that lying, cheating, stealing, even assassination is no sin in the furtherance of what they claim is a divine agenda.

Of course, we all hope that the voter turnout for you is so great that cheating will be impossible, and that we are headed for yet another "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment in history. But your sudden decline in the public media polls, with number arrived at through fraudulent means signals an attempt to "pre-sell" your defeat to the more gullible segments of the public. Rumors coming from Chicago, known for political skullduggery, that the Iowa votes will be counted in Illinois rather than Iowa, should send a clear warning signal that fraud is afoot.

Dr. Paul, We The People stand with you. We ask that you stand with us, and if indeed, as appears to be the case, Iowa is stolen from you, then it is time to take off the gloves and fight for those principles which have attracted so much support for you. Because the vote stealers are stealing more than just a victory from you, they are stealing our nation from all of the people. They are stealing a life of peace from our children. They are stealing prosperity from us all. They plan an eternity of war for the world and if they succeed, none of us will ever live to see a time of peace again.

If we do not choose to fight against these people now, we will soon have no choice but to fight for them from now on.

Far more than just your political ambitions are at risk here. If the election is allowed to be stolen, then all we have to look forward to is nuclear war without and violent revolution within.

If Iowa is stolen from you, we need you to be the leader we all know that you are and demand a recount by hand of all ballots.

Michael Rivero

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