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0 Driver protests radar van with "middle finger"

DENVER -- A Denver man's drive-by protest against a photo radar camera is getting him some serious attention after his picture was taken while he was "flipping off" the camera.

Daniel, who didn't reveal his last name, says he is fed up with photo radar vans so he intentionally sped past a van in late January on East 1st Avenue and University to make a point.

"I actually generally drive the speed limit," Daniel told FOX31 Denver. "I saw the van and figured this was my chance to register a protest and decided to flip it off."

Daniel received a ticket in the mail shortly after the traffic offense. His picture and the symbol of his protest were prominently displayed on the citation.

"I was actually hoping it'd be cleaner," he says. "It's a little too blurry for me."

Daniel, who calls himself an "accidental activist," says forcing a photo to be taken shows "how pointless these cameras are."

The 31-year-old Denver resident says the city shouldn't plan on getting any money from him for the ticket, "because tickets that are sent via standard first-class mail are not enforceable. The city would have to serve me for it to be binding."

Instead, Daniels prefers to "thumb his nose" at the process.

"Democracy is a messy process. Sometimes you have to engage in a little civil disobedience," Daniel says. "You have to be a little vulgar to get your point across, to get your message out there."

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