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0 Mass Roll Out Of "Knife Arch" Detectors On UK Streets.

Many revellers in Plymouth will be asked to walk through a knife-detecting machine on Friday and Saturday night.

Police will be deploying two of the so-called "knife arches" at Mutley Plain and other areas of the city.
It follows the stabbing of a 23-year-old man in Mutley Plain last Saturday.
The portable knife arches are similar to metal detectors used in airports and can be assembled within minutes. Extra police patrols are also being brought into the city.
Senior officers said the city did not have a particular issue with knife crime, but deploying the arches, as well as extra patrols, would help to reassure the public.
Three men have been charged with attempted murder after the Mutley Plain stabbing last week.
The victim was getting into a taxi when he was seriously hurt in the assault.
The suspects have all been remanded in custody by Plymouth Magistrates' Court to appear before the city's crown court on 29 April.
The victim, who has not been named, suffered multiple stab wounds in the attack. He is being treated at Derriford Hospital where his condition has been described as stable.
Knife arches are a sensitive issue in Britain, where they've been criticised by civil liberties campaigners.
The police are keen to make sure their deployment on the streets of Plymouth is as uncontroversial as possible, in an attempt to maintain a consensus of support for their use.

"Officers will be on hand to explain why they're being deployed and no one will be forced to walk through an arch.
But anyone who refuses, will, of course, mark themselves as potentially worthy of further police interest."

Knife Arch Operation in Gloucester

April 5 2013
This man should be arrested for stupidity alone.
A knife arch will be used in pubs and clubs in Gloucester tonight and tomorrow night as police aim to send out a strong message about people carrying the potential weapon.
Officers from the local policing team will set up the crime reduction device at licensed premises to make sure anyone entering the venues is not carrying a blade.
Undercover officers will be also be used throughout the city to spot anyone acting suspiciously or believed to be concealing a knife.
Night enforcement officer PC Mark Mansfield said: “We’ve been doing this for a long time but after the stabbing last weekend we thought it would be very important to do it again and let people know that carrying a knife of any sort is completely unacceptable.
“It will be a condition of entry for anyone entering these establishments to walk through the knife arch. People have to empty their pockets and then walk through the arch. Lights flash beside the corresponding part of the body where metal is detected and a search is then made.
“If you’re found with a knife of any type it’ll be confiscated and you may be arrested.
“The pubs and clubs we do this at are totally on board. 
In the future I want to use the arch on the streets themselves because I think that will be very effective tooEveryone has to know that you can’t just carry a knife in a public place.
“We want Gloucester to be a safe and pleasant place to come to at night and we really hope this reassures visitors to the city.”

Shepherd’s Bush police search for weapons in knife arch operation
Local police set up a knife arch at Goldhawk Road Tube station last Saturday (14 June) in a bid to tackle knife crime in the area.

The Shepherd’s Bush Green Safer Neighbourhood Team carried out spot checks on people coming out of the station, who were met by an airport-style gateway and officers carrying hand-held scanners.

“We won’t tolerate people carrying knives,” said Sergeant Ian Lewis.

“Evidence shows it is predominantly young men of all ethnic backgrounds who carry knives,” he said. “There is also evidence of females carrying them,” he added, pointing to a female officer on hand to assist with searches. There were plain clothes police officers outside the station area for backup.

During the two-hour operation, 24 people of all ages and backgrounds were stopped and searched, one knife was surrendered and one arrest made, on an unrelated matter.

Knife crime is not particularly bad in this area,” Sergeant Lewis said. “There are other boroughs that are much worse.”

Other area's include: (click for links)

ALL Have Found NOTHING During The Times They were Used.

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