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0 Senior official Nabil Shaath:"Peres, Abbas Were to Meet, Netanyahu Refused"

Fatah official confirmed there was a meeting to be held between the Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas and Zionist President Shimon Peres in a bid to resume “peace” talks.

Senior official Nabil Shaath on Tuesday told consuls and ambassadors in Ramallah city that a meeting was supposed to take place between Abbas and Peres at the request of the latter.
Shaath added that Peres later on decided to cancel the meeting after he did not receive the green light from Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

For its part Maariv newspaper had reported that Netanyahu foiled an intended secret meeting that was supposed to be held on Thursday between Peres and Abbas in the Jordanian capital Amman.
According to the report, Abbas responded to Peres' invitation and went to Amman for the meeting, but he was told that the meeting was terminated because Netanyahu did not accept the new suggestions to resume the talks with the Palestinian side.

This report really goes some way to showing just "Who" is being the unreasonable party also goes to show just how "scared witless" they are of Israel.

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